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How It All Began.

Early Searchmetrics Team

Although the company was founded in 2005, the idea for Searchmetrics originated in 2001 as founder and CTO Marcus Tober finished his diploma thesis in computer science. At the same time, Marcus also worked for a large online price-comparison website—a very competitive industry. Saving time through automation and using data to gain an advantage over competitors was absolutely key.

Marcus focused on automating SEO tasks like crawling competitors, backlink analysis, rank tracking and content optimization — manual tasks that detracted from time he could spend on more creative analysis. That early experience with SEO became the driving force behind Searchmetrics.

Searchmetrics Management

Our executive management team combines vision, experience and technical depth.

Marcus Tober, Searchmetrics

Marcus Tober
Founder and CTO

Dirk Wolf, Searchmetrics

Dirk Wolf

Roy Satterthwaite

Roy Satterthwaite
Senior Vice President, Sales

Jordan Koene, Searchmetrics

Jordan Koene
Chief Evangelist, VP Professional Service

Martin Scholz, Searchmetrics

Martin Scholz
Vice President of Business Development

Patric Liebold, Searchmetrics

Patric Liebold

Roland Fiala

Roland Fiala
Vice President Engineering

Searchmetrics Investors

Iris Capital

Iris Capital is one of Europe’s leading capital growth and development investors in the areas of media and entertainment, communications and information technology. It actively invests in product, service and technology companies at various stages of development. Founded in Paris in 1986, Iris Capital has invested more than 800 million Euros in over 200 companies from 18 European countries.

Neuhaus Partners

Neuhaus Partners, a leading venture capital firm, invests in the startup phase of companies that harness forward-looking technologies to become leading competitors in emerging market sectors. The company focuses primarily in the areas of telecommunications, information technology, the Internet, media and entertainment and security.

Holtzbrinck Digital
Holtzbrinck Digital oversees the online businesses of the Georg von Holtzbrinck Publishing Group. It plays an active role in portfolio management with the aim of strengthening the parent company’s presence in the online sphere. In addition, Holtzbrinck Digital supports the parent with expert services and knowledge in the areas of online marketing and traffic management, information technology and administrative services.

Let’s Get to Work!

As software redefines the world we live in and companies drive a growing proportion of revenue through online channels, Searchmetrics will continue to lead the market with innovative software and services. We’re passionate, dedicated, decidedly nerdy—and we know how to have a good time.

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