“Searchmetrics reveals the low-hanging fruit. And it gives us a good idea of the potential of a particular page.”

Kyle Webber, Digital Marketing Manager for Teespring

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W. L. Gore W. L. Gore
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Searchmetrics Partner IIH Nordic Searchmetrics Partner IIH Nordic
VW Logo VW Logo

Korbinian Spann, W. L. Gore

“For W. L. Gore Searchmetrics is the best choice to review our websites and traffic channels. In combination with our analytics tools Searchmetrics offers a huge benefit, and the individual reports support our experts in Europe, the US and Asia the best way possible.”

Dr. Korbinian Spann, Digital Marketing / eTail  at W. L. Gore & Associates GmbH

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atom42 atom42

“We’ve tested a variety of different software packages and SaaS solutions but only Searchmetrics gives us all the tools, features and insights we need in one place to allow us to manage search for our global, multilingual clients. It helps us to identify, analyse and resolve potential search problems before they become serious – and even helps us to keep a close eye on the search and content strategies adopted by clients’ competitors.”

Rasmus Sørensen, Senior SEO specialist at Atcore

eDarling eDarling
tripadvisor tripadvisor
Helvetia Helvetia
NetBooster NetBooster

“Searchmetrics makes it a lot easier to see how we are performing.”

Stephanie Wood, Head of SEO, Affinitas GmbH for eDarling & ShopAMan

river online River Online
RingCentral RingCentral
bronco bronco

“I chose the Searchmetrics Suite because I wanted a simple and unique platform that is easy to use for all our E-Commerce Managers. Now they can implement campaigns on their own.”

Maud Cochet, SEO Manager, Accor

vivirdelared.com vivirdelared.com
blueclaw blueclaw
reprisemedia reprisemedia
Searchmetrics Partner agenda21, UK agenda21

“Searchmetrics has probably been my greatest discovery of the past few years. It not only made my work easier in many respects, but it also has a great team standing behind it that exhibits a wonderful example of good customer service.”

Alex Navarro, vivirdelared.com

jellyfish jellyfish
Searchmetrics Partner Tomorrow Focus Technologies, Germany Tomorrow Focus Technologies
epiphany epiphany

“As a performance-based agency, we believe clear reporting and measurement of our SEO delivery for clients is key. This is why after a comprehensive technology review, including robust testing, we chose Searchmetrics.”

Matt Owen, Head of UK Agency, Jellyfish

fresh egg Logo fresh egg
zalando zalando
ium ium

Searchmetrics is an invaluable and powerful SEO tool that we find enormously useful in the analysis of websites. It presents a host of essential capabilities such as domain audits and keyword research from a very usable interface. It’s also immensely easy to install and integrate.”

Tony Goldstone, Head of Search, Fresh Egg

SimplyBusiness SimplyBusiness
distilled distilled
eBay Logo eBay

“We know a couple of keywords will attract 80% of all business and Searchmetrics helps us track that in a reliable way.

Jasper Martens, Head of Marketing and Communications, Simply Business

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