“Searchmetrics reveals the low-hanging fruit. And it gives us a good idea of the potential of a particular page.”

Kyle Webber, Digital Marketing Manager for Teespring

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More Searchmetrics references

elephate Logo elephate Logo
W. L. Gore W. L. Gore
SEM Logo SEM Logo
Searchmetrics Partner IIH Nordic Searchmetrics Partner IIH Nordic

“If I would have to describe Searchmetrics in five words, it would be: the best SEO platform ever!”

Bartosz Góralewicz, CEO, Elephate

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Atcore logo Atcore logo
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atom42 atom42
eDarling eDarling
tripadvisor tripadvisor
Helvetia Helvetia

“We’ve been really impressed with the Searchmetrics Suite and the support and service from the client success team. They’re constantly releasing new features. Searchmetrics helps our team offer a great service to our clients.

Andy Atalla, Founder, atom42

NetBooster NetBooster
river online River Online
RingCentral RingCentral

“As more and more traffic analyzed showing up as “keyword not provided,” Searchmetrics becomes even more useful. We can link the ranking of the keyword with the SEO traffic and correlate that to show results.”

Yann Gabay, Head of Southern Europe, NetBooster

bronco bronco
vivirdelared.com vivirdelared.com
blueclaw blueclaw
reprisemedia reprisemedia

“I like that I can use Searchmetrics to very quickly check the search performance of my clients’ competitors to get a comparative view of what’s happening.”

Dave Naylor, Bronco

Searchmetrics Partner agenda21, UK agenda21
jellyfish jellyfish
Searchmetrics Partner Tomorrow Focus Technologies, Germany Tomorrow Focus Technologies

“Searchmetrics has bolstered the agenda21 search offering by providing real insight into clients and competitor performance. Searchmetrics has also helped us identify opportunities that we otherwise may have missed.

Monique Slater, Head of Natural Media, agenda21

epiphany epiphany
fresh egg Logo fresh egg
zalando zalando

“Searchmetrics gives us access to vast amounts of data that would be very difficult to obtain otherwise. This data and the way it’s presented provide invaluable insight into the search landscape and allow us to make informed, intelligent campaign decisions.”

Andrew Heaps, Operations Director, Epiphany Solutions

ium ium
SimplyBusiness SimplyBusiness
distilled distilled
eBay Logo eBay

Searchmetrics is very profitable for us. By using the Suite, we are more efficient in our daily work. It’s a great time saver when we’re pitching new clients.”

Fredrik Forsberg, Head of Search, IUM

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