“Searchmetrics reveals the low-hanging fruit. And it gives us a good idea of the potential of a particular page.”

Kyle Webber, Digital Marketing Manager for Teespring

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W. L. Gore W. L. Gore
Atcore logo Atcore logo
Searchmetrics Partner IIH Nordic Searchmetrics Partner IIH Nordic
VW Logo VW Logo

Korbinian Spann, W. L. Gore

“For W. L. Gore Searchmetrics is the best choice to review our websites and traffic channels. In combination with our analytics tools Searchmetrics offers a huge benefit, and the individual reports support our experts in Europe, the US and Asia the best way possible.”

Dr. Korbinian Spann, Digital Marketing / eTail  at W. L. Gore & Associates GmbH

waimea digital logo waimea digital logo
atom42 atom42
eDarling eDarling

Yigit Konur, SEOZEO

“Searchmetrics has amazing features and this is proven by the awards they get. But the most magical thing for me is their vision & how they see the future. As a leading SEO agency & host of the biggest SEO event in Turkey, we couldn’t imagine working without 2 years+ of historical SEO visibility data built on 1M+ keywords. You can’t get these data by investing in 2015, but Searchmetrics started working in 2012 to create this data for Turkish marketers. It required huge IT investment and now we are proud to have this opportunity as it makes our SEO process much easier.”

Yiğit Konur, Founder of SEOZEO

tripadvisor tripadvisor
Helvetia Helvetia
NetBooster NetBooster

“We love Searchmetrics. It makes it simple to track our rankings and act quickly to maximize traffic. I’ve been really impressed with the technical strength and innovation in the Suite and the level of support we get from the Searchmetrics team.”

Luc Levesque, VP SEO, TripAdvisor

river online River Online
RingCentral RingCentral
bronco bronco
vivirdelared.com vivirdelared.com

“I have tried many search tools. But not one of them had the intelligence of Searchmetrics. My whole team is very impressed by the algorithm behind Searchmetrics and use it on a daily basis.”

Emil Soerensen, SEO Manager, River Online

blueclaw blueclaw
reprisemedia reprisemedia
Searchmetrics Partner agenda21, UK agenda21
jellyfish jellyfish

“Rather than having to use nearly 100 different tools I can access them all in the same location with Searchmetrics. It’s faster than analyzing everything manually, it’s great to show clients, and it’s more accurate and up to date for looking at metrics than ‘first to market’ SEO tools that are now tired and dated.”

Fergus Clawson, Managing Director, Blueclaw Media Ltd.

Searchmetrics Partner Tomorrow Focus Technologies, Germany Tomorrow Focus Technologies
epiphany epiphany
fresh egg fresh egg

“Adobe Site Catalyst and the Searchmetrics Suite form the basis for our range of services in the area of web analytics and SEO. Both companies offer a combined solution, which allows us to give our customers even deeper transparency into their search engine marketing budgets.”

Timo Salzsieder, CEO, TOMORROW FOCUS Technologies

zalando zalando
ium ium
SimplyBusiness SimplyBusiness

“I love Searchmetrics’ competitive analysis capabilities. An agency that isn’t using Searchmetrics is probably spending too much time on tedious data compilations—time and energy better spent on developing creative strategic concepts for their clients.”

Christine Churchill, President, KeyRelevance

distilled distilled
eBay Logo eBay

“At Distilled, we use Searchmetrics every day. Searchmetrics gets us relevant data faster and it gives us a valuable mapping of inputs and outputs that we’ve not found in other tools.”

 Benjamin Estes, SEO Consultant, Distilled

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