“Searchmetrics reveals the low-hanging fruit. And it gives us a good idea of the potential of a particular page.”

Kyle Webber, Digital Marketing Manager for Teespring

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“The high-level view of organic performance and growth opportunities the Searchmetrics Suite provides has helped us develop new product lines and attract new customers.”

Sarah Stashuk, Director of Digital Media & SEO, Aristotle

Searchmetrics Partner IIH Nordic Searchmetrics Partner IIH Nordic
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I love the fact that with the Searchmetrics Suite I can quickly access so much data. And the amount of time I can save because the data is so well integrated is amazing. I can get a general overview of a sector from the research section and then go directly to the project section and look at specific client traffic and conversions. The site optimization section provides detailed error warnings and notices on anything that might be wrong on a site at a URL level.
While content optimization provides hints on how I can improve the content based on what other high ranking sites are doing well.”

Mikkel Lilholt Kristensen, SEO Specialist at IIH Nordic

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“I love that I can use Searchmetrics to check the visibility of my clients, and quickly have the possibility for benchmarking them on visibility and keywords. We are using Searchmetrics all over the team, because it gives so quickly and correct data.”

Dennis Stammerjohan Grant, Junior SEO at Waimea Digital

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“By using the Searchmetrics Suite, we have search metrics like visibility and ranking data combined with those from our analytics solution.”

Ralph Stamm, Search Marketing/Analyst Specialist, Helvetia

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“The Searchmetrics integration with Adobe Experience Manager is one of the reasons why I love being a Searchmetrics customer. Searchmetrics and Adobe are changing the future of content marketing by providing valuable metrics and precise recommendations that no one else can.”

Steven Ray Marshall, Director of Web Marketing, Ring Central

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Searchmetrics Partner agenda21, UK agenda21
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Searchmetrics Partner Tomorrow Focus Technologies, Germany Tomorrow Focus Technologies

In terms of ROI, Searchmetrics has already paid for itself. It’s very systematic and predictable.”

Robert Lloyd, Head of SEO, Reprise Media

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“Searchmetrics has been our favorite SEO software from day one. Its international capabilities and visibility tracking help us make superior strategic decisions for our international clientele. With the integration of social into Searchmetrics, we’ve started using it in our social division. Now Searchmetrics is more valuable than ever before.”

Sebastian Wenzel, Webanalyticsbook

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“The reporting function is really great because we can choose the KPIs we monitor and include in reports.”

Samantha Organ, International SEO Manager, Zalando GmbH

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“Searchmetrics provides great insights to help us understand how the search investments we are making are resonating against our competition.”

Maxime Rauer, Manager, Natural Search, eBay

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