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SEO and the search behavior of users are constantly changing. Now more than ever, there is a shift towards advanced searching for specific information and high-quality content. Both should be built upon the other in the best way possible to meet the requirements and expectations of users. For this reason, Searchmetrics now provides a comprehensive view of the elements and analyses of these to indicate which deserve particular attention:  your main landing pages.

Content is intrinsically linked to your URLs and landing pages, is identified by these and therefore makes examining them on a URL level essential. This is why Searchmetrics is continuously developing innovative new technologies that offer you the best possible optimization methods to keep you one step ahead.

Searchmetrics Page Cockpit: 360° SEO optimization on the URL level

Content-Focused ViewSearchmetrics offers the world's only universal SEO analysis and optimization on the URL level, factoring in all essential data. Perform precision analysis and optimization of all URL-based data to achieve significant performance gains for your URLs and landing pages. This way, you’ll have all the relevant page level data at a glance: SEO Visibility, Rankings, SEO Opportunities, SEO Recommendations for content and on-page optimization, traffic and conversions as well as off-page factors such as backlinks, social signals and others.
Use Searchmetrics to make your online business more successful and increase visibility, traffic and sales!

Benefits at a glance:

  • Cover the complete range of precision SEO optimization data on the URL level
  • See current KPIs for landing pages at a glance
  • Quickly and efficiently identify new SEO potential for improved rankings
  • Benefit from specific recommendations for action to increase content relevance
  • Optimize on-page technical aspects with our in-depth insights
  • Analyze traffic and conversions as well as off-page factors such as backlinks and social signals

The SEO optimization on a URL level can now be used in the Searchmetrics Suite*. To learn more about Page Cockpit, please contact us by filling in the form on the right.

*Please note: Details of your URLs can be accessed under “Rankings”/”URL Rankings” in the Searchmetrics Suite.

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