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When Marcus Tober began developing search analytics software, search engine optimization was a little like panning for gold in the Hudson River – an unruly race between a handful of pioneers. In order to take his work to the next level, Marcus Tober devised a number of tools with which he assembled his own and others’ SEO projects into a dynamic, up-to-date database. With his comprehensive approach and an eye for detail he quickly became one of the leading minds in the nascent field of search engine optimization.

Marcus ToberIn 2007, Marcus Tober founded SEOmetrie GmbH together with Holtzbrinck eLAB. The following year we changed our name to Searchmetrics GmbH and rapidly evolved to become market leaders with our unique search analytics software. Searchmetrics Suite has set the standard in this innovative, ever changing market ever since.

We owe much to the support of our investors and partners Neuhaus Partners GmbH, Iris Capital and Holtzbrinck Digital GmbH. As CTO and founder, Marcus Tober continues to drive the ongoing improvement and development of our software while our team of highly-skilled specialists guarantees the exceptional standard of data and innovation on which Searchmetrics was founded. Since November 2012 Tom SchusterSearchmetrics has strengthened its top management with the appointment of the new CEO, Tom Schuster. The expert in Marketing and Sales will be working with founder and CTO, Marcus Tober to drive Searchmetrics’ expansion, with a particular emphasis on international markets, an area in which the new CEO has already made a name for himself.

Searchmetrics Suite and Searchmetrics Essentials allow a unique insight into website visibility for search engines in 134 countries as well as the world's largest social media portals. This is now a focal point of today's inbound marketing – if you want your content to attract the eyes of potential customers then you need to make sure that search engines see you first.

Since its creation, our Searchmetrics Suite has been adopted by many large and well-known organizations for the project management and coordination of their SEO efforts. Not content with this success, at the end of 2011 we launched Searchmetrics Essentials and its rapid analysis tools have since revolutionized the market and proved to be a favorite among SEOs everywhere. 

We connect with and support our users, clients and products directly and in collaboration with our large network of trusted partner agencies. In recent years we have expanded to include offices in the USA, Great Britain and France and Searchmetrics now employs over 95 personnel worldwide.


The Investors

Holtybrinck Digital

Holtzbrinck Digital oversees the online businesses of the Georg von Holtzbrinck Publishing Group. It plays an active role in portfolio management with the aim of strengthening the Georg von Holtzbrinck Publishing Group’s presence in the online sphere. In addition, Holtzbrinck Digital supports its parent company with expert services and knowledge in the areas of online marketing/traffic management, information technology and administrative services.


Neuahus Partners

Neuhaus Partners is a leading venture capital firm which focuses investment in the startup phase of companies harnessing forward-looking technologies to become leading competitors in emerging market sectors. Neuhaus Partners direct their focus mainly in the ares of telecommunications, information technology/internet, media, entertainment and security.



iris capital

Iris Capital is one of Europe’s leading capital growth and development investors in the areas of media and entertainment, communications and information technology. Since its foundation in Paris in 1986, Iris Capital has invested more than 800 million Euros in over 200 companies from 18 European countries. Iris Capital actively invests in product, service and technology companies at various stages of development.


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