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Searchmetrics Suite

Searchmetrics Suite

SEO analysis has never been easier with the modern look and unique usability of Searchmetrics Suite. Our state-of-the-art software solution is intuitive to operate, is capable of creating detailed diagrams and graphs, and a spectacular range of functionality. With Searchmetrics Suite you can monitor keywords and sub-pages, evaluate links, and analyze and compare domains in seconds.

With the newly styled projects and tags, even large, highly evolved domains can be analyzed simply and easily. All of this is made possible by our enormous, up-to-date database of search results and social media. With these figures, you can be sure to always stay one step ahead of the competition and know exactly what is happening on the web.

The Suite, recently reawarded the title of „Best SEO software“, also includes instruments for marketers. Features like „Market Share“ and “Holistic Search“ provide marketing insights into the technical world of search engine optimization. This is further strengthened through an SEO view of one's social and content optimization activities.


Are the links correct?

In Links, we use the most important metrics, including backlinks, link types and anchor texts to offer an overview of the project domain and the chosen benchmark domains.
Links Overview

For this deep analysis we offer advanced filters. You can, for example, filter data according to the total number of outgoing links (internal and external). The more outgoing links a page has, the lower the impact of a single link.

The links overview includes the most important factors for each individual link. These include the source URL, the type (e.g. image or text link), geographic origin and page strength of the linked domain, together with the total number of links. Position indicates a link's location in the source text.

The ability to monitor benchmark domains is also critical for any analysis, which is why we provide a quick overview of the most important backlink metrics compared against your selected benchmarks.Links Benchmark


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