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Searchmetrics Suite

Searchmetrics Suite

SEO analysis has never been easier with the modern look and unique usability of Searchmetrics Suite. Our state-of-the-art software solution is intuitive to operate, is capable of creating detailed diagrams and graphs, and a spectacular range of functionality. With Searchmetrics Suite you can monitor keywords and sub-pages, evaluate links, and analyze and compare domains in seconds.

With the newly styled projects and tags, even large, highly evolved domains can be analyzed simply and easily. All of this is made possible by our enormous, up-to-date database of search results and social media. With these figures, you can be sure to always stay one step ahead of the competition and know exactly what is happening on the web.

The Suite, recently reawarded the title of „Best SEO software“, also includes instruments for marketers. Features like „Market Share“ and “Holistic Search“ provide marketing insights into the technical world of search engine optimization. This is further strengthened through an SEO view of one's social and content optimization activities.


The project in the SEO clinic

For Google to be able to recognize and evaluate a website's full potential its technical structure needs to be in good working order. This structure should be streamlined and free of any errors with optimization that is clearly focused on the essentials.

The new Optimization area in Searchmetrics Suite shows you everything you need to do to get results. To collect this information we crawl up to 20,000 pages of a domain, sub-domain or directory and assess them for errors and ranking factors. The results of this extensive analysis are sorted according to categories and then displayed clearly and meaningfully. Searchmetrics Suite also tells you which subpages have already been optimized for which keyword how its potential can be further improved.


Site Optimization

In the first category the Domain Score indicates the level to which a project has been optimized. This is calculated according to the number of errors, warnings and recommendations in relation to the number of pages that have been checked. The higher the domain score, the better the optimization.

The nSite Optimizationext category shows the number of errors found in the project. To optimize a project further, you must reduce all errors to a minimum. Warnings have less influence on a website's optimization level and therefore a lower score weighting than errors. Nevertheless, warnings within the project need to be regularly minimized and preferably eliminated. The Trend category refers to changes in comparison to results from the previous crawl.

The subsequent tables provide a list of all the errors, warnings and notes that were found. Have any of these figures increased since the last crawl? If so, above the Show Details link you can see information and optimization suggestions for the individual errors. You can also click on the error description to navigate to a list of URLs where these errors were found.




Keyword Optimization: What is ranking and what should be ranking

Keyword Optimization DetailKeyword Optimization analyzes which of a monitored domain's URLs is ranked highest for a particular keyword and which has the most potential. Most importantly, it tells you why this is the case. SEO project managers can enter their desired website and instantly build a plan for improving their rankings.

In order to do this, Searchmetrics Suite offers information on where the keyword should be and gives advice on possibilities for technical improvement. Our software evaluates the most important factors for a site's keyword optimization and provides practical suggestions for improvement. These comprehensive lists can then be immediately auctioned and turned into results. 


 Content Optimization – Increase the relevance of your content!

The content reContent Optimizationquirements for your online campaigns are constantly growing and playing an increasingly important role in the SEO strategy of businesses. What matters is relevance and quality. Searchmetrics Content Optimization (Optimization > Content Optimization) gives you the perfectly tailored tool for content analysis and optimization of your text content. It also provides a way to improve rankings, traffic and conversion rate.

Optimization at the highest level

Take advantage of in-depth content analysis with action recommendations for optimization and discover the keywords and phrases you should include in order to create relevant text content. Easily optimize new or existing content to improve relevance.

Leave your competition behind

Blaze past your competitors by employing carefully optimized content, and get a complete overview of the complexity of your competitor's content. Analyze author integrations and number of headlines and words on your competitors' sites.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Discover previously untapped potential in your online content
  • Utilize precise optimization approaches for relevant text content and increase rankings, traffic and conversion rates.
  • Optimize your link building and PPC budgets


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