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Searchmetrics Suite

Searchmetrics Suite

SEO analysis has never been easier with the modern look and unique usability of Searchmetrics Suite. Our state-of-the-art software solution is intuitive to operate, is capable of creating detailed diagrams and graphs, and a spectacular range of functionality. With Searchmetrics Suite you can monitor keywords and sub-pages, evaluate links, and analyze and compare domains in seconds.

With the newly styled projects and tags, even large, highly evolved domains can be analyzed simply and easily. All of this is made possible by our enormous, up-to-date database of search results and social media. With these figures, you can be sure to always stay one step ahead of the competition and know exactly what is happening on the web.

The Suite, recently reawarded the title of „Best SEO software“, also includes instruments for marketers. Features like „Market Share“ and “Holistic Search“ provide marketing insights into the technical world of search engine optimization. This is further strengthened through an SEO view of one's social and content optimization activities.

Project Wizard

Off to a flying start with the project wizard

The Searchmetrics Suite Wizard reduces the administrative tasks involved in setting up an SEO project to a minimum, leaving you more time for analysis.


Creating a projectProject Wizard: Creating a project

Creating a new project is easy, and the whole process is tailored to your needs. In four easy steps, the SEO manager provides the domain, search provider, keywords and competitors that they wish to monitor. The Wizard then shows you how many keyword queries you have left for your chosen license.

Create a project by entering the domain/subdomain that you wish to monitor. The domain name is automatically used as the project name, but can be changed at any time if required.



Take advantage of suggested keywords

Project Wizard: KeywordsIf you have an existing keyword list you can upload it quickly and easily. At the same time, Searchmetrics Suite helps you in choosing the right search terms for your domain. Suitable keywords are automatically displayed for your selected project domain and sorted by country. Keywords can also be grouped according to tags so you can analyze them in categories and groups.




What are the relevant search providers?Project Wizard: Search engines

With Searchmetrics Suite, you can initially select a country followed by a search provider for that country. You can also choose monitor and optimize regional rankings.

How often should the ranking data be updated?
The tracking frequency establishes how often (times per week) Searchmetrics Suite will update keyword ranking data. Higher tracking frequencies ensure up-to-date ranking data, but come at the expense of keyword queries.



 Keep your eye on the competition

Project Wizard: BenchmarksFrom the very beginning, Searchmetrics Suite allows you to monitor several benchmark domains in detail. If you are not sure about which domains to track you can take advantage of our suggested benchmarks. To make it easier to analyze, the traffic index is color coded; green figures indicate that the traffic index for the prevailing competitor is higher. When the figures are red this means the value of your project domain is higher than that of the competition.



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