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In addition to press releases that can be found in our News & Events section, we make these high-resolution photos, graphics and logos for editorial use available for download.

Download company profile

Searchmetrics Logo PNG Web Version

Company Profile
Searchmetrics Profile 2017 (PDF)

Download biographies and photos of our management team

Marcus Tober, Searchmetrics

Marcus Tober
Founder and  CTO

Biography (PDF)
Photograph (JPG)

Volker Smid, Searchmetrics

Volker Smid

Biography (PDF)
Photograph (JPG)

Dirk Wolf, Searchmetrics

Dirk Wolf

Biography (PDF)
Photograph (JPG)

Jordan Koene, Searchmetrics

Jordan Koene
Chief Evangelist, VP Professional Service

Biography (PDF)
Photograph (JPG)

Daniela Neumann, Searchmetrics

Daniela Neumann
VP of Product Management

Biography (PDF)
Photograph (JPG)

Britta Mühlenberg, Searchmetrics

Britta Mühlenberg
VP Human Resources

Biography (PDF)
Photograph (JPG)

Mario Krautz, VP Engineering, Searchmetrics

Mario Krautz
VP Engineering

Biography (PDF)
Photograph (JPG)

Doug Bell, VP Marketing, Searchmetrics

Doug Bell
VP Marketing

Biography (PDF)
Photograph (JPG)

Download software screenshots

Mobile SEO Searchmetrics Suite

Suite: Mobile SEO
Download Screenshot

Site Structure Optimization Searchmetrics Suite DE

Suite: Site Structure Optimization
Download Screenshot

Local SEO Searchmetrics Suite DE

Suite: Local SEO
Download Screenshot

Searchmetrics Suite Content Optimization DE

Suite: Content Optimization
Download Screenshot

Keyword Analysis EN

Suite: Keyword Analysis
Download Screenshot


Searchmetrics Suite Traffic Insight EN

Suite: Traffic Insight
Download Screenshot

Download Searchmetrics logos

Download Searchmetrics logo in various formats for use in print and online.

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Uday Radia
+44 1923 221305

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