Content Optimization

Increase Relevance, Visibility and Revenue

Searchmetrics content optimization gives you the insight to create relevant, engaging content that will help you increase SEO rankings, drive more online traffic and boost conversions.

Google’s constant algorithm changes send a strong signal to digital marketers that SEO is no longer just about increasing visibility in SERPs. It’s about having relevant content that answers the search query and engages your visitors. Google rewards great content with higher rankings and more traffic, providing you with additional opportunities to convert visitors into customers.

Relevant Content Drives Revenue

Content Optimization Tool
  • Identify which content works to attract the visitors most likely to buy
  • Optimize content in real time with goal-oriented recommendations, covering keywords, word count, headlines and Google+ authorship integrations
  • Discover untapped potential by comparing your content with market demands
  • Use targeted KPIs and smart column visualization to achieve fast and effective results

Attract More Qualified Visitors

Searchmetrics content optimization recommendations provide you with a roadmap to create the ultimate search experience for prospects and customers. It helps you reach more qualified customers when and where it counts, at the moment they’re deciding to purchase. Our intuitive interface provides relevant keywords based on current market usage so you can create engaging, relevant content that appeals to your target market.

Optimize Content Faster

Thanks to our smart display interface, with its clear column indicators and color matrix, you can easily identify content optimization opportunities that increase relevancy.

Our KPIs provide a unified overview of your content (own top weighting) and potential market (must have keywords). This way, actual and target conditions can be compared—giving you clear guidance as you create the most compelling content.

Get started in less than 10 minutes.

Searchmetrics software is powerful and feature rich. But that doesn’t mean it takes forever to see results. We’ve designed the Searchmetrics Suite to accelerate time to value.