Carsten Neuendorf

Vice President Engineering


Carsten Neuendorf is Vice President of Engineering at Searchmetrics. He leads the development department, the biggest team in the company, and is responsible for defining and implementing the technical vision of the Searchmetrics platform.

His experience with scalable systems and his expertise in collecting and storing large amounts of data are of great value as they help to ensure the company’s operational excellence in all areas of technology.

Carsten has been with Searchmetrics from the beginning, starting in 2005 as a developer. Over the course of his career at the company, he took over the leadership of a team within the Searchmetrics development department that was responsible for delivering data to our software. In early 2018, he became a Senior Director Engineering and took over as Vice-President of Development. In addition, Carsten has played a key role in the development of the architectural design of the platform, enabling it to handle the large volume of data and the capacity for future growth.

Carsten graduated from the Beuth University of Applied Sciences in Berlin with a diploma in Media Information Technology.