Mario Krautz, VP Engineering bei Searchmetrics

Mario Krautz

Vice President Engineering


Mario Krautz started at Searchmetrics as VP Engineering in 2016 and is responsible for the entire development team.

Mario is a technology leader with several years of experience in managing development teams, and over 20 years of industry experience in IT, 10 of which have been in agile working environments. This background makes Mario familiar with building effective, agile teams and developing scalable, high-quality and efficient software.

Before Mario came to Searchmetrics, he was responsible for the personal development and specialist training of employees at Zalando, as well as the introduction of transparent and effective processes in a fast-growing, radically-changing, agile environment.

In the five years prior to Zalando, his career went from Senior Software Engineer to Team Leader to Head of Technology International at ImmobilienScout GmbH. Previously, after studying electrical engineering, he had already worked for Saperion AG als Senior Engineer and for Siemens as a software engineer and project manager in the mobile network environment.