The Searchmetrics API. Build cutting edge solutions for your Business

With the Searchmetrics API, your developers can use Searchmetrics data to create online marketing tools — widgets, apps and integrations — that deliver extraordinary business value.

API Only – What’s included:

Searchmetrics Research Cloud Research Cloud
Enrich existing software with SEO/SEA/Social data. Receive access to billions of data points and get tailored information about Keywords, Backlinks, Social Links and PPC.
Searchmetrics API: Personalized Personalized
Access the data that you need. Create your own custom interface and dashboard. Dynamically and seamlessly integrate our data into your individual workflows, reports and analyses.
Searchmetrics API: Time-Saving Automation Time-Saving Automation
Our automation function lets you reproduce data requests easily and saves you time.
Searchmetrics API: Flexibility Flexibility
We offer credit packages of different sizes for your individual needs. There is no automatic renewal.
Searchmetrics API: Reports Reports
Connect your data with your report system (E.g. Domo, Tableau).
Searchmetrics API: Big Data Analysis Big Data Analysis
Gain analytic insights into your market and competitors.

API Only S



100,000 Credits
Latest Data from our Research Cloud
Backlinks per Export: 50.000
Rankings per Export 25,000
Social Links per Export 10,000

API Only M



200,000 Credits
Latest Data from our Research Cloud
Backlinks per Export: 100.000
Rankings per Export 50,000
Social Links per Export 20,000

API Only L



500,000 Credits
Latest Data from our Research Cloud
Backlinks per Export: 150.000
Rankings per Export 75,000
Social Links per Export 30,000
Historical Data

Running API Only L

You need an automatic renewal? Check out the Running API Only L. Here you receive the extra benefit of access to the complete Research Cloud.


“The data we receive from Searchmetrics is invaluable to supporting analysis across our client’s base, as well as helping us identify opportunities for prospective clients.”

Lee Allen
SEO & Technical Director, Stickyeyes

Testimonial Lee Allen

Available Data and API calls

Currently, data in the following categories is available:

  • Organic Search – Rankings and Visibility
  • Paid Search – Rankings and Visibility
  • Keywords
  • Backlinks
  • Social Data


Please check here for a complete list of API calls.
Please be aware that we don’t provide data requests.

You already have API access? You can log in here. If you need more credits just reorder one of the API only packages.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions: