Always keep track of content status and all stakeholder information

In the Searchmetrics Content Experience, the briefing is a reliable logbook in the information jungle – and thus a central starting point in the process of effective content creation. Here we bundle all information for you and for everyone involved: from the requirements specified in the research about content status to details on responsible stakeholders.

From a content-related perspective, in the briefing we simultaneously map out the complete workflow and different options for dealing with your content at particular stages.

Bartosz Goralewicz, Co-founder / Head of SEO, Elephate S.C.

“Searchmetrics Content Experience is so useful that it’s almost hard to believe that we had to wait this long for such a software. Content writers will find it to be their best SEO friend – one that will accompany them and lead their content right to the top of search rankings.”

Bartosz Goralewicz, Co-founder / Head of SEO, Elephate S.C.

1. Create a Briefing

The creation of a new briefing is the birth of a new procedure for creating or optimizing your online content. With the input a core topic, you determine the project parameters on the one hand, and initiate the data processing for the research process on the other hand.

  • Data-driven briefing creation for the optimization of existing content or new content
  • Nationally-oriented briefings for versions in different languages
  • Specification of the core topic to initiate the research process

Searchmetrics Content Experience: Briefing - Create a briefing

Searchmetrics Content Experience: Briefing On Demand

2. On Demand Briefings

With our immense database, we are mapping an extremely large trove of topics and keywords on demand, for which rankings and information are already available in our software. Sometimes, however, it is necessary to map additional current themes that were previously unavailable. With the ‘On Demand’ function, we enable you to have unlimited possibilities when researching previously missing topics, for example, from long-tail or niche areas.

  • With On Demand briefings, you are able to create a briefing for any given topic
  • Research data for niche topics or current news keywords
  • You receive data at the push of a button and in real time

3. Briefing Process

After the creation of the briefing, you are supported step by step through the research of topics and questions about real content production right through to performance analysis. All this information, intermediate results, and stakeholder details are saved and can always be viewed.

  • At every step in the process of briefing creation, you receive information that is relevant respectively for individual sections
  • Investigate topics in the Explorer, analyze these themes by semantics, seasonality, or funnel stage, and identify relevant user queries on the topic
  • Understand your audience, search intentions, and competition through data-driven analytics

Searchmetrics Content Experience: Briefing Process

Searchmetrics Content Experience: Briefing Overview

4. Refresh Brief

‘Publish and forget’ is a thing of the past. If you want to be successful with relevant content over the long term, you must constantly revise, update, and improve your content. In so doing, ‘Refresh Brief’ saves you from having to create a new briefing each and every time for content for which you have already created a briefing. Instead, at the push of a button, you have fresh data for your briefing content – and moreover still keep track of the complete editing history.

  • Refresh Brief enables you to update existing briefings and specific content as needed and thus make new, content-related adjustments
  • As dynamically as topics or events change, you can react just as quickly
  • Example: content creation in the wake of the German federal elections in September 2017 and six months later (keyword ‘GroKo’)

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