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The Process

The Challenge

  • Develop a comprehensive SEO and content solution for agency customers
  • Establish a solution that includes internationalization, entities and content optimization
  • Be a go-to partner for the agency’s day-to-day queries
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The Solution

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The Results

  • 80%-increase in SEO visibility for arven.io customer Carex
  • 26% increase in ranking for organic keywords for arven.io customer Carex compared to its largest competitor

The Company

arven.io are digital success makers. This marketing agency from Rottweil in southern Germany prides itself on using effective and efficient online activities to help its customers achieve greater success in the digital world. To achieve this goal, arven.io takes a holistic approach based on four pillars: competence, enthusiasm,
responsibility, and appreciation.

The full-service package from arven.io is aimed specifically at the requirements and needs of customers inthe B2B sector and includes performance marketing, growing online business with the help of websites and online stores, and generating new customers and retaining existing ones through digital marketing strategies

The Challenge

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arven.io has a broad portfolio of customers in the B2B sector, meaning their customer requirements are diverse and specific to each industry. Clients often approach them to optimize their websites for search engines. They will generally be looking to focus on individual target groups with a view to ensuring long-term success for their business.

In the past, arven.io has worked with various providers and established SEO and content software solutions to meet its customers more demanding challenges. These activities are often time-consuming and costly for marketing agencies, especially since these solutions quickly reach their limits when it comes to internationalization, entities, and content optimization.

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By continually adding a variety of software solutions to its toolbox, arven.io was still able to offer its customers the best possible services. However, there was a drawback: the whole
process became less efficient.

So, arven.io started looking for a new partner that would not only provide a comprehensive SEO and content solution, but would also be at their side and act as a sparring partner for its day-to-day agency work.

The Solution

Searchmetrics compelling offer to arven.io included full customer service, customer success, and consulting services.

The jewel in the Searchmetrics crown is its Searchmetrics Suite. It gives businesses like arven.io the technologies and data they need to optimize every facet of their organic searches. But that’s not all, it also provides access to extensive national and international market information, allows companies to optimize for individual target groups, and conduct competitor analyses.

With so many features and applications, it meant arven.io was able to implement its entire SEO from a single source. This is essential for arven.io. Identifying international growth opportunities for its customers gives them an edge over their competitors.

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Once arven.io had decided to partner with Searchmetrics, they went through a detailed onboarding process, laying the foundation for the future success of the partnership.

Weekly meetings were held to discuss basic features of the Searchmetrics Suite, such as initial processes, technologies, and application examples.

The meetings also served as an opportunity for experts on both sides to discuss technical matters on an equal footing. To ensure the onboarding process was tailored to their specific requirements, arven.io defined their own set of priorities, in doing so actively co-steering the onboarding process.

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We were able to optimize existing website projects, set up new websites, and web stores with maximum efficiency. We also managed to reduce our internal workload because we only used one piece of software for all the SEO work.

Implementing customer projects using the Searchmetrics Suite

The Searchmetrics Suite is used by arven.io as a new SEO and content platform consistently across all customer projects. There is full transparency about its partnership with Searchmetrics and arven.io is open about the exciting solutions Searchmetrics can offer. This makes it easier for arven.io customers to recognize what optimization steps can be taken.

At the beginning of each new project, arven.io starts by conducting an SEO analysis. Where do customers stand compared to their competitors, where are they fully exploiting their opportunities, and where can potential improvements be made?

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Using the Searchmetrics Suite, arven.io will start off by implementing a detailed analysis, focusing on keywords, entities, and competitors. This shows, for example, which “shared keywords” their customers can use to outperform their competitors or which previously untapped areas they can try to dominate. These findings are also used to create an SEO-compliant website structure that can then be ‘fleshed out’ with relevant content.

For content creation, arven.io relies on Searchmetrics Content Experience. It allows them to map out the entire content creation process and assign tasks to individual team members.

Searchmetrics‘ software helps arven.io experts create high-quality, optimized content that does the job its customers want it to. From finding and researching suitable topics to supporting customers through the content generation process, it lets you check how current sites are performing, allowing you to identify areas that may need to be optimized. This results in a considerable increase in overall content quality and will ultimately result in better website rankings.


arvenio case study testimonial raphael roth

We find Searchmetrics Content Experience to be a particularly useful bit of kit for managing our content. It’s very easy to use, is thoroughly transparent and frequently inspires customers by providing a greater understanding of SEO.

Searchmetrics as a collaborative partner

arven.io und Searchmetrics stehen seit dem Beginn ihrer Partnerschaft im kontinuierlichen, engen Austausch.

After conducting an initial needs assessment at the start of the partnership, arven.io have received continuous operational support – almost on a daily basis – from the Searchmetrics Customer Success Manager. They discussed the day-to-day challenges that arise from the various projects supervised by arven.io, as well as allocating actionable tasks.

Monthly meetings with arven.io’s personal key account manager gives everyone involved the opportunity to discuss strategies in detail, check-in with one another and discuss future strategy. A senior SEO consultant from Searchmetrics is also on hand to provide additional, extensive SEO expertise. Their valuable input and considered advice are helpful in smoothing over any bumps in the road.

Both partners have also actively supported generating “SEO reports for customers”. Searchmetrics has provided arven.io with reliable support to generate more than 50 SEO dashboards within the Searchmetrics Suite. These were then made available to their customers to be used as the basis for monthly SEO reports. Searchmetrics communicates openly and transparently about the options available – but at the same time promotes feedback-based features that may be helpful for customers going forward.


We really appreciate the active collaboration and mutual respect between professionals. Searchmetrics offers great solutions and is unbeatable, especially when it comes to international SEO and content!

The Results


Carex Auto Zubehör AG has been supplying Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein with exclusive car parts since 1983. Their customers include private individuals, companies, car dealerships and auto repair shops who appreciate the wide range and quality of the products on offer.

The project posed a number of challenges for the arven.io team. But these were successfully overcome through an environment of close cooperation and a regular exchange of ideas:

Availability of item data

Data on millions of items had to be added to their online store - without making loading times too long.

Development of 3D configurator

To support users on their customer journey,
to choose the right vehicle and their desired wheel rims.

Advanced search function

An advanced search function was added, allowing Swiss car dealers to search by type approval

arven.io has been working with Carex since 2018 and has helped them develop their online store, their website and 12 landing pages for individual manufacturers. The project has shown some outstanding results in terms of SEO development:

  1. SEO visibility grew to between 722 and 676. That’s an increase of up to 80% since the project started.
  2. Carex.ch ranks with over 2,691 organic keywords – 26% more than its direct competitor.
  3. A total of 83 keywords ranking in position 1 with a monthly search volume of up to 827 (not including proper names)
  4. For keywords such as “bbs felgen ch” (a brand of popular alloy wheels) , some of the 12 Carex manufacturer landing pages in Switzerland rank higher than the actual manufacturer websites.

Carex and arven.io are still working together on this fruitful project. They are continuously looking for ways to make it even easier to visit their online store and give users a more intuitive experience. In order to improve SEO, Carex uses the Searchmetrics Suite to continuously monitor their desired keyword set. This allows negative outliers to be identified and appropriate SEO measures to be taken immediately.

PHILIPP ForstWerkzeuge

PHILIPP ForstWerkzeuge is a medium-sized enterprise based in Sinzheim near Baden-Baden in southwestern Germany. It specializes in forestry tools. The company’s core USPs include fast accessibility and availability of products.

In order to make the company’s services available to its customers 24/7, PHILIPP ForstWerkzeuge decided to set up its own international online store, which was to serve as a point of contact for B2B customers. And PHILIPP turned to arven.io experts to help them do so.

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A major cornerstone of arven.io’s internationalization strategy was based around the Searchmetrics Suite from the get-go. Using regional and global competition analyses, arven.io identified potential growth areas and highlighted PHILIPP’s competitor strategies.

Although the project is still taking root, in France alone, philipp-forstwerkzeuge.com got off to a great start and achieved organic rankings with more than 131 keywords – and the outlook for more offshoot growth is rosy. Some products have even achieved better rankings than on their respective manufacturer sites, which has also had a positive influence on orders from French customers.

The rankings are consistently monitored using Searchmetrics Research Cloud. As the project continues to grow, arven.io plans to create country-specific projects, identifying the respective keywords and other potential keywords using the Searchmetrics Suite. This will allow them to focus on relevant topics and create suitable content. Then, as the project progresses, they plan to branch out and introduce optimizations.

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