Foodwikis achieve a 157% increase in organic keywords ranking

Discover how Just Eat became a recognised authority through its Foodwikis thanks to the power of Searchmetrics Content Experience.
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Online Food Delivery
Company Size:
8,000 employees in 24 countries
Regions Examined:
Germany & The Netherlands
Searchmetrics Content Experience

The Challenge

  • Increase SEO visibility of Just Eat for generic cuisine keywords
  • Establish a platform to position Just Eat as a destination for food related content
  • Rank alongside Wikipedia, recipes websites and food blog sites for generic cuisine related keywords
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The Solution

  • Identify high volume keywords for 10 target regions using Content Experience
  • Create Foodwiki – the culinary encyclopedia per each region/market
  • Build Searchmetrics projects and dashboards to keep track of SEO Visibility of Foodwiki and its competitors
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The Results

  • Position 1 – 3 ranking for 55% of organic keywords ranking above 20 for and 70% for
  • Number of keywords ranking in positions 1 – 3 increased by 157% for and 74% for
  • Visibility in rich snippets for key cuisine terms
  • Established and recognized as an expert source of valuable culinary information

The Company

Just Eat is a leading global online food delivery company operating in 24 countries. It was created in January 2020 by bringing together two of the world’s most successful food delivery firms: (founded in 2000 in the Netherlands) and Just Eat (founded in 2001 in Denmark).

Adam Sidorczuk - Global SEO Specialist -

“After some research using the Searchmetrics Suite, we found out that in all markets this segment was dominated by a combination of large recipe websites with user-generated content, popular food blogs and Wikipedia articles."

The Challenge

Increase awareness of Just Eat as cuisine expert to complement their food delivery websites.

These websites answered searchers’ intentions better than Just Eat and were clearly favoured by Google compared to food delivery services.


Case Study: JustEat- Different Food Items

Their goals:

Rank for cuisine related keyworks

Compete with established sites ranking in top positions

Position themselves as a
go-to source of food-related content

The Solution

Following extensive keyword research, it was identified that keywords ranked differently for generic cuisine-related search terms across different regions, concluding that each of the regions would require different content dependent upon user intent.

Foodwiki encyclopedias were therefore established across ten key regions in local language with educational food content designed to answer users’ regional search queries. Content is arranged by Kitchen, detailing between 16 – 22 different regional cuisines highlighting typical dishes, ingredients, traditions, fun facts and in-depth information about the most popular dishes from the specific regions.

Case Study: Just Eat - Soup Bowl

Content was created with meticulous research, separately for each market, to give a local touch to it and place the encyclopaedia in a local culinary context, also recognising popular favourites ordered from each of the regions.

Just Eat created a template, long, high quality content and attractive images (some of which were shot with a professional photographer and food stylist) for a wide variety of cuisines from around the world.

The Results

From the establishment of the Foodwikis from May 2018 keywords rankings from positions 1 – 3 rose by 157% over a 19-month period to the start of 2020 for the German site and 74% for the Dutch site with the Foodwikis outranking Wikipedia and leading recipe websites for many important keywords!

  • Position 1 – 3 ranking increased significantly for both and
  • Visibility in rich snippets for key cuisine terms
  • Established as an expert source of valuable culinary information

The Foodwikis were responsible for building plenty of high-quality links with third parties linking to Foodwiki as a source of knowledge from their blogs, recipe sites and posts on culinary forums.

As a side-effect they received many high-quality organic links and further established Just Eat’s reputation as food experts.

Position 1-3 keyword ranking increased by 157%

Increase in SEO Visibility for

Number of keywords ranking from positions 1 – 3 increased by 156.6%

SEO-Visibility -

70% of the top 20 ranking organic keywords in positions 1 – 3

Keyword Position Spread History -

Position 1-3 keyword ranking increased by 74%

Increase in SEO Visibility for

Number of keywords ranking from positions 1 – 3 increased by 74%

SEO Visibility -

54% of the top 20 ranking organic keywords in positions 1 – 3

Keyword Position Spread History -


Dashboards for ongoing assessment, management and reporting

As a relatively small team that needs to manage SEO in several large markets across Europe and beyond, the scale of this project was huge for Just Eat They needed to be on top of all the latest changes without losing sight of one market while focusing on another.


JustEat Office

“Thanks to Searchmetrics’ flexibility and scalable solutions, we were able to develop well-structured dashboards per each country and keyword segment, as well as aggregated dashboards combining countries and regions together,” explains Adam Sidorczuk.

“The dashboards not only tell us how we perform against competitors and how our new strategies result in organic visibility, but also help us evaluate large-scale website migrations and technical changes in our platform.”

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