Improved Rankings and Increased Online Performance

In POCO’s furniture stores and online shop, price-conscious shoppers can find just about everything they need for the home, from furniture and kitchens to household goods, home textiles, paints, wallpaper, carpets, electrical products and gift items.

With more than 7,500 employees active in over 115 POCO markets in Germany, the high-performance online shop had sales of EUR 1.52 billion in 2016, helping the company to rank among the major German suppliers in the sector.

The Challenge: Bring SEO and Content Optimization In-House and Improve Organic Results.

Historically, POCO had worked with an external agency to manage their online store’s SEO and content marketing. However, the results were not consistent and failed to meet their ambitious business objectives.

POCO was searching for the right SEO software to help them achieve their goal of covering content and SEO in-house to build up strategically valuable know-how.

The Solution: Active use of Searchmetrics helps POCO to achieve clear positioning.

After making the decision to use Searchmetrics, POCO started implementation very quickly. Training was not necessary as the Searchmetrics Suite was self-explanatory for the employees working with it. To develop their expertise and dive deeper, the POCO staff actively participated in Searchmetrics webinars.

The introduction of the software was actively promoted by the Head of Online Marketing. In doing so, employees were involved in the decision-making process to ensure the software’s acceptance. These employees use Searchmetrics daily for reporting and potential analysis. The optimization carried out on are clearly based on the analysis and insights found in the Searchmetrics Suite.

In the context of the relaunch project, POCO also used the technical consulting services provided by Searchmetrics and the company was closely supported during this time. At the start of the project, the technical, structural and content challenges were clearly identified.

On this basis, a comprehensive solution concept was developed by Searchmetrics. The concept was coordinated with all stakeholders and subsequently implemented. It was followed up by a description of content and technical solutions based on the recommendations, which helped the responsible departments with the implementation. All steps were pursued or actively supported by Searchmetrics.

The most important function was the Searchmetrics platform’s Site Structure Optimization – it was essential for analyzing the POCO domain in detail and for identifying possible errors on the website such as broken links, link dead ends, 404 errors, etc. Afterwards, a comprehensive on-page optimization was carried out for

Thanks to the professional support and advice provided by Searchmetrics, we were able to implement our relaunch, both in terms of content and technology.
Marcel Bewersdorf, Poco
Marcel Bewersdorf

Head of Online Marketing / eCommerce, POCO

The Result: Marketing channel “SEO” contributes to the company’s success

Since adopting Searchmetrics, SEO Visibility of for relevant search queries on the first page of Google search has increased almost threefold.

As a result, POCO has seen more organic traffic on their own website and, as a result, have also seen increased engagement with their own product offers.

  • SEO Visibility Increase of +329% from January 2014 to December 2016
  • Strong positive traffic increase of 22% comparing 2014 to 2016
  • Improved Conversion Rates and Increases in Sales


Improved rankings using Searchmetrics have a decisive influence on the performance of the shop – so you can definitely say that SEO has made a significant contribution to the company’s success.
Marcel Bewersdorf, Poco
Marcel Bewersdorf

Head of Online Marketing / eCommerce, POCO

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