Semcona Toyota Case Study

Toyota saw increase of 50% organic traffic for non-branded search terms

semcona is a leading provider of next-generation digital services, an agile thought leader and trend spotter priding themselves on increasing the online relevance and visibility of brands, companies, and products and services.

They transformed visibility for Toyota Germany, one of the biggest automotive manufacturers in the world, selling vehicles in more than 160 countries.

The Challenge: Engaging Customers at Each Point of the Customer Journey

In the automotive sector the customer journey is a rather complex process. Ideally, strong brand awareness is needed to successfully showcase the products online.

In the engagement phase, where looking to attract the interest of potential customers, engaging content is essential. And in the conversion phase, it is important to connect with the customer through the right brand messaging.

High visibility across the relevant topics makes it possible for Toyota to address the right customers and draw them into the sales cycle. This starts with an analysis of the relevant topics and optimal content placement that meets user needs.

This is where semcona comes in – working on the premise that quality is better than quantity when it comes to producing content.

Organic traffic increased more than 50% thanks to a successful partnership with semcona.
Niels Klamma
Niels Klamma

Head of Marketing Communication, Toyota Germany

The Solution: Optimizing Existing Content to Improve Rankings and Appear in Featured Snippets

To provide the ultimate service not only for Toyota but for all their customers, semcona opted for the Searchmetrics Suite, a decision that was based on a number of factors – a large database, data validity, extensive analysis features, customizable dashboards, and what semcona felt was a unique Content Experience platform.

On the whole, the software is a collaborative tool for partners to work together; monitoring KPIs in a joint dashboard, as one example.

In the case of Toyota, semcona developed relevant content based on a dual approach:

1 – Optimizing Existing Content

In the beginning, semcona used the Searchmetrics Research Cloud to analyze website content with a view to identifying search potential and finding out where non-brand keywords are ranking and pages containing relevant content. For example, identifying keyword cannibalization was critical as these pages needed to be identified and their content optimized or merged.

The editing process is done using the Searchmetrics Content Experience. Using the Content Editor, semcona was able to use Searchmetrics data, competitor data and the AI-based analysis to optimize content. Once the content has been published, the performance analysis is conducted again then the whole process is repeated.

2 – AI-Based Trend and Topic Analysis

Simultaneously, semcona also drew on its own AI-based trend and topic analysis to identify relevant trends and keywords and then used that data to produce new content within the Searchmetrics Content Experience platform.

In order to evaluate and validate new topics, search intent was also classified – as transactional, navigational or informational – and seasonality identified.

Other important points of reference for content production were Google search queries that Searchmetrics added to the keywords.

Armed with this data, semcona was then able to work on optimizing content and code so that Toyota appeared in Featured Snippets or Google answer boxes in the Search Engine Results Pages.

The Results: Hit their Goal of a 50% Non-Brand Organic Traffic Increase

The Toyota project in the Searchmetrics Suite began in July 2019 and sought to increase organic traffic for non-branded search queries by at least 50% by the end of that same year. This goal was hit, with the incredible result that in November alone, traffic nearly doubled, which was a fantastic achievement.


  • Increase in non-brand organic traffic by more than 50%
  • Quick and easy data aggregation
  • Dashboards provide KPIs and metrics in real-time, replacing the need for time-consuming reporting processes.




When it comes to working with a customer on a project, Searchmetrics does an outstanding job. Their customizable dashboards and direct access to KPIs gives us transparency and up-to-date information.
Jan Pötzscher
Jan Pötzscher

Chief Marketing Officer, semcona GmbH

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