Content Optimization gives dm drogerie markt in Austria 71% page 1 rankings on make-up products

Find out how SlopeLift experts used Searchmetrics Content Experience to identify new SEO potential and create user-centered content.
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Company Size:
6,900 employees
Regions Examined:
Searchmetrics Content Experience

The Challenge

  • Relaunch online store including a new CMS without losing existing rankings for category sites
  • Adapt pre-defined structure for with a view to retaining existing rankings
  • Exploit all potential relating to new categories as well as creating more detailed SEO texts that were not possible with the old system
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The Solution

  • Used Searchmetrics Content Experience to analyze the potential for existing content and build up new, optimized categories
  • Conduct competitor analyses to identify optimization potential
  • Create optimized SEO texts based on competitive number of words and choice of keywords
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The Results

  • 71% of rankings for make-up products are on page 1
  • 43% of rankings for hygiene & perfume products are on page 1
  • Existing 27.5% page 1 rankings maintained
  • Content Experience used to create 20 entirely new landing pages designed specifically to unlock potential

The Company

The first dm drugstore in Austria opened its doors in 1976. Today, there are some 400 stores all over Austria. Together with subsidiaries in eleven other countries, and dm stores in Germany, they make up the most successful drugstore chain in Central and South-Eastern Europe.

The company‘s online store is firmly established in the Austrian market and offers a wide range of products comprising some 16,000 beauty, health, nutrition, baby, household, and pet products. Organic searches are its biggest source of online traffic. Given the increasing role played by eCommerce, further growth can be expected in future.

Image of Marietta Robitza, online marketing consultant at SlopeLift

“Searchmetrics Content Experience helps make SEO texts far more competitive. The comprehensive research functions help you better understood the search intent behind certain keywords - plus you’re able to identify optimization potential quickly and easily."

The Challenge

Optimized content is key to guaranteeing SEO performance for dm drogerie markt in Austria’s online presence as well as generating sustainable traffic to the site. Although content optimizations have been carried out in the past, the length of the texts on the online store was limited to a maximum number of characters, meaning the full potential of category pages, which compete directly with other category pages, could not be leveraged.

dm drogerie markt in Austria joined forces with digital marketing agency SlopeLift to take on this challenge. Together, they carried out a site relaunch, which included a new CMS based on the structure of the online store. When the new CMS went live in September 2020, it completely transformed the structure of the original store, which was then moved to the new domain—a project that uncovered both new opportunities and challenges.

So, the primary aim was to retain existing rankings while building on store categories that are potential sources of competition, ultimately driving traffic to the site and maintaining it.

SlopeLift-DM Goal setting

Their goals:

Relaunch online store without losing rankings

Restructure whilst retaining existing rankings

Exploit all potential relating to new categories

The Solution

SlopeLift, one of Searchmetrics’ long-standing partners, took the data and insights from analyses conducted using Searchmetrics Content Experience to create SEO texts for that would give them a long-term competitive edge.

Content experts at SlopeLift analyzed the existing texts with a view to unlocking any potential in the existing texts.

Using this approach, non-ranking or low-ranking category pages were filled with new, optimized content with word counts and selected keywords that make the site more competitive, thus boosting the rankings for many of the online store’s categories and increasing traffic to the site.

1. Expanding content for “Nail Polish Remover”

Before the site was relaunched and the relevant content optimized, the domain was unable to secure a ranking for the category page for nail polish remover, because the CMS character limit did not allow for a detailed SEO text.


After the launch, the new category on achieved a top 3 ranking thanks to the optimized SEO text:

Nagellackentferner nach Optimierung

2. Content for “Concealer”

The Searchmetrics Content Experience was used to optimize the content on “Concealer” products for the launch. As a result, the site now consistently achieves a number one ranking for “Concealer”:


3. Content for “Suntan Oil”

The former site already had top rankings for the keyword “Suntan oil”. By creating a special category and optimizing the content with the help of the Searchmetrics Content Experience, dm drogerie markt in Austria was able to consistently achieve a first-place ranking.


The old category was redirected to the special new category.

In addition to content optimization and creating special category pages, Slopelift’s experts also carried out general comparisons with competitors using the Research feature in Content Experience, allowing for the respective competitor rankings to be identified for various categories. This enabled quick and easy comparisons to be made between dm drogerie markt’s performance and that of their competitors without the need for lengthy analyses. It showed areas where the competition was ranking but that had not exploited at all, and thus unearthing optimization potential.

With the help of the user-friendly workflow in Searchmetrics Content Experience, the SlopeLift Content Team, which comprised two content marketing managers and an editor, were guided through the individual content creation steps from idea to final content.

Talk to an Expert
Anja Hobarth Online Marketing Consultant SlopeLift

“Searchmetrics Content Experience provides the ideas for new content or optimizations on the basis of search intent, considerably reducing the amount of research content writers have to do. At the same time, the Content Score feature means the quality of the final content can be evaluated at any time."

The Results

The analyses and research conducted using the Searchmetrics Content Experience helped the SlopeLift experts identify new SEO potential and create user-centric content for category pages based on the competitor comparisons, word count, and keyword choice.

Despite the switchover to a new CMS as part of the relaunch, this approach helped the site maintain existing page 1 rankings – 27.5% of total rankings. In addition, 20 entirely new landing pages were created using the Searchmetrics Content Experience to capture the resulting market potential.

71% page 1 rankings for the highly competitive “Make-up” category

Six months after the website was relaunched, 71% of the total rankings in the “Make-up” category were in the top 10, with 21% making the top 3.


43% page 1 rankings for the highly competitive “Hygiene & Perfume” category

Six months after the website was relaunched, 14% of the “Hygiene and Perfume” category pages were making the top 3 rankings; 43% of total rankings in this category were page 1 rankings:

Pflege und Parfum

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