Result: 20% Increase in Traffic and SEO Visibility

SPORT1 is the leading sports entertainment platform in German-speaking countries. SPORT1 provides livestreaming of sports events on their TV channels, online platforms, mobile apps, radio and Social Media channels.

In the online space, SPORT1 is also active with their own SPORT1 YouTube channel as well as gaming and eSports. In addition, the SPORT1 App is one of the most successful German sports apps.

The Challenge: To maintain and expand their leadership position by developing SEO and editorial processes.

When SPORT1 decided to use Searchmetrics’ Professional Services, they did not have an internal SEO department. There was a lack of resources, experience and know-how to bring requirements to the IT department and to incorporate them into company processes.

The Solution: Increased Organic Visibility through expert advice, bespoke solutions and a large keyword set.

Bespoke SEO Consulting
It quickly became clear that SEO tasks and challenges not only had to be identified, but also integrated into the company. With that insight, a closer cooperation started between Searchmetrics and SPORT1 with Searchmetrics posting an interim SEO Manager in their office in Bavaria, Germany.

A Searchmetrics Consultant would be onsite at SPORT1 every two weeks, taking on the job of an in-house SEO. The played a key role in promoting important topics and training the SPORT1 editorial team.

Searchmetrics worked with the SPORT1 IT Team, the Editorial Team responsible for news and video, Product Management Teams, Sales Teams, and Analysis and Management departments. As a result of working across so many teams, many important strategic decisions were fundamentally rethought and, above all, evaluated with SEO in mind.

Searchmetrics went on to support the hiring process of the new, SPORT1 SEO Manager, Simona Zemenova-Tobsch. They ensured a smooth handover and provided training for Simona, who manages SEO at SPORT1 now.

“We also get regular updates from the Professional Services team about Google updates, news, changes, and hints on what we need to change and communicate.”
Simona Zemenova-Tobsch, Team Lead SEO/Traffic Management, SPORT1

For SPORT1, it is particularly important to continuously develop SEO and editorial processes to remain at the top and strengthen our position as number one in the sports sector. Searchmetrics proactively help us achieve these goals.
Simona Zemenova Tobsch Searchmetrics
Simona Zemenova-Tobsch

Team Lead SEO/Traffic Management, SPORT1

The Searchmetrics Suite Solution

  • Visibility Analysis Frequent Visibility analysis is important for SPORT1 in their day-to-day work – having set up directories and subdomain segments in the Suite for analysis, SPORT1 can analyze and report on seasonal sport trends and Visibility changes.
  • Traffic Forecast Tool SPORT1 uses the Traffic Forecast data in the Suite for projects. With Traffic Forecast data they can assess the potential of traffic in the market for various keyword clusters and to react accordingly.
  • Visibility Guard SPORT1 uses the Searchmetrics Visibility Guard to monitor and identify changes or errors, such as redirects and 404 errors. This automatic notification system immediately notifies users about critical errors, enabling prompt troubleshooting.
  • Content Briefings The SPORT1 Editorial Team uses Searchmetrics Content Briefings in Content Experience when creating the content and optimizing themed pages.

“Clear arguments for the Searchmetrics Suite were the much larger set of keywords than the competition has plus the experienced and flexible Professional Services Team who respond quickly to urgent requests and always finds a high-performance solution.”
Simona Zemenova-Tobsch, Team Lead SEO/Traffic Management, SPORT1

The Result: 20% Increase in Organic Traffic and Keyword Visibility

SPORT1 was able to achieve significant increases in organic traffic and Visibility through the use of Searchmetrics.

Not only traffic, the SPORT1 Team was able to reduce their Bounce Rate on priority pages: through the competent advice of the Professional Services team and by prioritizing pages with high development potential (e.g. seasonal, for events, for individual football players or football clubs).

Over the years, SPORT1 has also been gaining new users primarily through Organic Search with a large number of new users coming via Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and Google News.

Thanks to the overall very positive development in SEO – having established an in-house function, integrating SEO across multiple teams and understanding how critical incorporating SEO into their overall strategy – the SPORT1 SEO Team has grown and will continue to expand.


  • Approximately 20% increase in organic traffic from 2015 to 2017
  • Significant Bounce Rate reduction
  • 20% increase in SEO Visibility (Desktop and Mobile) between January and August 2017



I'm completely satisfied with Searchmetrics! They always drive innovation and we are always well advised, I see our team’s expansion as a very positive result of this.
Simona Zemenova Tobsch Searchmetrics
Simona Zemenova-Tobsch,

Team Lead SEO/Traffic Management, SPORT1

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