Viaduct Generation’s successful pitch & client retention using the power of the Searchmetrics Suite

Find out how the Searchmetrics Suite helped Viaduct Generation retain clients and improve their sites' performance.
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Searchmetrics Suite

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The Challenge

  • Identify and evaluate customers with potential for online performance optimization
  • Providing a source to clients for them to assess and improve their own SEO
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The Solution

  • Adoption of the Searchmetrics Suite for analysis and pitch purposes
  • Becoming a Searchmetrics Agency Partner and advocate of the SEO platform
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The Results

  • Successfully identified potential client prospects
  • Provided comprehensive data and reports to demonstrate technical and content issues as part of their client consultation process
  • Ongoing retention of clients and education through 3rd party access to the Searchmetrics Suite

The Company

Established following the social unrest of 2019, and animated by the spirit of equality, Viaduct Generation is a mission-led SEO agency, using transformational AI data to support the online growth of underrepresented and allied businesses. Viaduct Generation’s focus is to use search engine optimization, search data and insights to strengthen the voice of under-represented founders and their partners in search engines and help them better understand the online behavior of their target audience to maximize their marketing effectiveness.


The Challenge

As a new agency, with a team of experienced SEOs, Viaduct Generation is aware that there are many website owners within their target audience who need SEO support.

They often experience difficulties in achieving high SEO visibility as well as online performance,
which in turn leads to lower revenue. The below average online performance is often due to a poor technical website backend as well as a lack of optimization. In addition, there is often an
over-investment in PPC, as this is seen as the most effective means of increasing visibility and
traffic to the website.

Often clients are unaware of the benefits of SEO, both from an audit and performance perspective.

One of Viaduct Generation’s main goals is to identify these clients and demonstrate the
benefits of search engine optimization through audits to show long-term performance improvement.


Searchmetrics is incredible because everything is in one place. It’s very easy for any given company to know what they have to do from a Technical and Content perspective. I recently described the Content Experience as a cheat code for content SEO. It’s incredibly easy to use and it helps you get results you wouldn’t believe without using it. Simply a sublime platform.

The Solution

Viaduct Generation needed a powerful SEO analysis platform, which they could adopt to review and analyse clients’ current technical website statuses and also identify gaps in their SEO strategies. They also needed a solution to help continually review and improve clients’ website visibility.

Using the Searchmetrics Suite, they can now easily identify which of their clients’ competitors have higher SEO visibility allowing Viaduct Generation to prepare and implement a more strategic SEO strategy.

The Suite has proven invaluable across the agency: the sales, technical, content, and outreach teams now all make use of the Searchmetrics Suite on a daily basis.


The amount of support you get with Searchmetrics you don’t get with any other SEO platform in the world. The platform is easy to use but if you are struggling with anything you’ll always have a very strong team available to support you. The fact that you get a CSM who is always there when you need help with the platform is great.

The Results

Through Search Experience they can easily identify the high priority issues that need handling so they can steadily improve. Thanks to Searchmetrics, one of their clients has seen an increase in revenue of 90% in four months.

The Searchmetrics Suite has made Viaduct Generation’s work considerably easier. It allows them to identify competitors really quickly and find avenues for improvement. The deeper levels of insights means they can solve their clients’ issues before they become massive problems.


Client Prospecting

The sales team mainly spends time on Research Cloud, understanding markets and companies before prospecting and identifying clients who have had better days from an SEO perspective.

The drop in traffic displayed in the Organic Visibility chart shows an opportunity for Viaduct Generation’s sales team to contact the company and offer their SEO services.


They can also explore organic keywords and begin more conversations about SEO versus Paid Advertising.


For example, the above table looking at First Aid Courses was used to demonstrate to a client that they were being outranked by their competition. Having a visual to explain that they were earning on average 40 more customers enabled Viaduct Generation to get buy-in from the client to explore not only their keyword but content strategy. This is a great hook and always peaks the interest of the client who is neglecting SEO over paid search.

Technical SEO

Viaduct Generation’s technical team mainly spends time in Site Experience, conducting crawls and understanding the backend of the domains. Once some interest has been generated, the Sales team runs a technical audit of the prospect’s website using the Site Experience tool to uncover the technical issues impacting performance.

Partner Program

Viaduct Generation are a Searchmetrics’ Agency Partner, benefitting from the use of the Searchmetrics Suite in their day-to-day practices, but also enabling them to provide the Suite to their clients whilst providing ongoing agency support.

Interested in becoming a Searchmetrics Agency Partner? You can find more details about our partner and affiliate programs here.

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