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Since 1995, Aristotle has been a pioneer in a rapidly changing industry. With clients around the globe, Aristotle continues to create new strategies for developing innovative interactive and premium web services, and for conquering emerging technologies and new communication channels.

The Little Rock, Arkansas-based digital marketing agency offers a vast array of services, from professional search engine marketing, social media management and website design to digital product development, domain hosting and wireless broadband access.

The Challenge: Find the most flexible and effective software for the changing Search landscape

Founded on the principle of delivering high-impact results while playing by the rules, Aristotle has been pioneering the SEO industry’s best practices since 1996, keeping their clients at the forefront of search technology. Aristotle has seen a lot of industry changes over the years, each one causing them to reassess their optimization strategies and products. Because the agency specializes in the creative use of technology to deliver intelligent strategies, customized solutions and concrete results, they need a large global database with reliable data and features. Aristotle promises deeper SEO analyses, competitive analyses, content development and the ability to identify and resolve technical SEO issues. The firm generates strategies, campaign ideation and strategic business recommendations for their clients.

Aristotle compared Searchmetrics to 13 leading SEO platforms in the areas of price, usability and 15 desired features. Aristotle’s evaluation team gave Searchmetrics a perfect score based on these features, as well as on general ease of use and access to historical data through the Searchmetrics Research Cloud. Aristotle concluded that Searchmetrics best suited their requirements and provided them with the most flexible and effective software for the changing Search landscape.

Sarah Stashuk, Director of Digital Media & SEO, Aristotle

“What made Searchmetrics especially appealing for us was its proprietary data; it assures us that we’ll always have access to the information we need.”

Sarah Stashuk, Director of Digital Media & SEO, Aristotle

The Solution: Track SEO results and show improvement over time

Currently, 16 of the agency’s employees work with the Searchmetrics Suite. It allows them to offer their clients a wide range of SEO services, such as on-page SEO, technical SEO programming, SEO audits, SEO consultation and SEO reporting. Aristotle uses Searchmetrics to optimize the tags, code and content of client web pages to attract organic traffic and improve the user experience.

Aristotle also uses Searchmetrics to prepare pitches for prospects. Stashuk and her team realized that other solutions wouldn’t start collecting data until day one of a project. “That makes pitching your SEO services to prospective clients an uphill climb, because you don’t have any data with which to sell the product,” states Stashuk.

Sarah Stashuk, Director of Digital Media & SEO, Aristotle

“With Searchmetrics, the data is available immediately upon logging in, regardless of whether or not a particular domain has been set up to track – this makes the software even more impressive.”

Sarah Stashuk, Director of Digital Media & SEO, Aristotle

Another challenge for the agency is to track their clients’ SEO results and to show improvement over time.  Particularly useful for reaching these goals are Searchmetrics features such as Site Structure Optimization, Content Optimization, Content Performance, Keyword Opportunities, and the Searchmetrics Research Cloud. Through the permanent use of the software, Searchmetrics helps Aristotle focus their efforts on content development and technical SEO programming upgrades, and supports their recommendations using the different features as well as through ongoing customer support.

The Result: Significant lift in SEO contract amounts since implementing Searchmetrics Suite

  • 374% client lift in site engagement on mobile

Aristotle has made the Searchmetrics software an integral part of their new client development, consulting, and marketing processes.

Sarah Stashuk, Director of Digital Media & SEO, Aristotle

“The high-level view of organic performance and growth opportunities the Searchmetrics Suite provides has helped us develop new product lines and attract new customers.”

Sarah Stashuk, Director of Digital Media & SEO, Aristotle

For example, Aristotle used Searchmetrics to create a winning marketing campaign strategy for their client, Utah Office of Tourism. In February 2015, the agency started working with, supporting Utah Office of Tourism’s website relaunch by optimizing for all devices and producing relevant content. Together, they saw a remarkable lift in site engagement on mobile: up 374% compared with the previous year.

Searchmetrics Case Study with Aristotle: SEO Visibility of

Image 1: SEO Visibility of

More improvements they observed after the Utah Office of Tourism relaunch included:

  • Increase in SERPs
  • Increase in website traffic
  • Increase in engagement/conversions


Aristotle has also seen a significant lift in its other SEO contract amounts since implementing Searchmetrics Suite. Moreover, since using Searchmetrics, SEO has become the largest area of growth within Aristotle’s marketing division. Aristotle has vastly improved its clients’ SERPs and website traffic utilizing Searchmetrics.  Searchmetrics’ market leadership also ensures Aristotle’s clients that their SEO initiatives are in good hands.

Sarah Stashuk, Director of Digital Media & SEO, Aristotle

“Searchmetrics has an international reputation as a thought leader in SEO.”

Sarah Stashuk, Director of Digital Media & SEO, Aristotle

“When Searchmetrics publishes a blog or research study, we know we can stand behind that as a company. And our clients know that we’re staying ahead of the game for them,” Stashuk continues.

Aristotle is considering broader uses for Searchmetrics. “We plan to use Searchmetrics to expand our offerings in SEO consulting, new content development, and technical SEO. We hope that the insights we gain from using Searchmetrics will help us to expand our client base to include new industries,” Stashuk says. Aristotle took a step in this direction when they became a Searchmetrics Ruby partner on March 21, 2017.

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