Optimizing the website structure helped Boels to strengthen the link juice and increase SEO Visibility

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Boels Rental is an equipment rental company based in Sittard, the Netherlands, with over 3,250 employees and more than 400 stores in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Poland, Italy and Slovakia. Boels has separate online presences in each of these countries. Our Ruby agency partner, Happy Idiots, works on SEO and online marketing activities for boels.nl.


Boels.nl suffered technical issues that made it impossible to add content to specific pages. Happy Idiots sought a creative way to reorder the website’s structure and optimize the pages without using content. The plan: achieve higher rankings for primary keywords and overwork the internal link structure.


Happy Idiots used the Site Structure Optimization of the Searchmetrics Suite to see where they had to optimize the structure of the website to gain more link juice for each individual URL. The Internal Links section of the software made it possible to measure each optimization and see if the link juice was being spread as they wanted. They were able to see if the SEO Visibility of important pages increased, and it did.

Thom van den Donk, SEO Specialist, Happy Idiots

“With Searchmetrics we were immediately able to see where problems needed to be solved.”

Thom van den Donk, SEO Specialist, Happy Idiots


SEO Visibility

+ 11,83% increase
in SEO Visibility

Organic Traffic

+ 11,66% increase
of organic traffic

Keyword Ranking

Higher rankings for
primary keywords

Searchmetrics Case Study with Boels: SEO Visibility

Organic visibility for Boels.nl increased with 11,83% since July 2017, when Happy Idiots was using Searchmetrics. The Searchmetrics
Suite provided key insights that enabled better optimization of the website structure and internal link structure.

The agency was able to identify pages with too many, too few or broken internal links and thus were able to build the ideal structure without
broken links and add more value to ‘forgotten’ pages.

Thom van den Donk, SEO Specialist, Happy Idiots

““Since we are working on the SEO process for Boels, their organic traffic has increased with over 180.000 sessions. We’ve noticed that Searchmetrics gives us direct insight into SEO optimizations that we never considered before.”

Thom van den Donk, SEO Specialist, Happy Idiots

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