Boomerang Pharma supports global
SEO programs with Searchmetrics software

The Challenge: Deliver global SEO tracking, analysis and insight for global pharma and biotech brands

Boomerang Pharma, an online marketing agency based in Parsippany, New Jersey, works with global brands in pharmaceuticals and biotech. The company’s services include digital and e-communications strategy, analytics, creative and publishing, website development and online promotion.

For pharmaceutical and biotech companies search visibility and search engine optimization (SEO) are essential to maintaining brand awareness. They need to ensure that healthcare practitioners and patients can easily find and access company and product information by using search engines. This information can include clinical trial results as well as safety guidelines about the contra-indications of different drugs and therapies.

To drive decision making, Boomerang underpins the creativity of its digital marketing services with data and analytics. It evaluated a number of top SEO tools to find one that would meet its requirements, which included the ability to track performance, provide analysis and deliver insight globally across all the primary search engines. It also needed to help Boomerang address the diverse reporting needs of clients.

The Solution: Searchmetrics delivers global search engine tracking and custom reporting

Boomerang chose the Searchmetrics Suite, which automates many aspects of SEO analysis, monitoring and reporting for agencies and in-house search marketers. It allows users to track SEO performance across all major search engines in over 130 countries using clear KPIs, monitoring keywords and sub-pages, evaluating links, analyzing and comparing domains and identifying competitor strategies.

Marc Beharry, Boomerang

“Each brand we work for is unique in its niche—with different goals and areas it wants to track. We need to provide a custom reporting solution for every brand. And our SEO software needs to make this quick and easy, saving us time and effort.”

Marc Beharry, SEO Strategist, Boomerang Pharma

Boomerang also took advantage of the Suite’s optimization feature to increase time savings. Searchmetrics optimization automatically crawls and assesses up to 100,000 pages of a domain to pinpoint on-page optimization needs, providing recommendations or warnings where required. “Site optimization can very quickly highlight 404 pages, internal link errors, missing titles and low keyword density, and recommend fixes,” notes Barry. “It’s very helpful if you’re working on many large sites.”

Moreover, since many of Boomerang’s SEO clients require large account teams, the software’s task management and workflow functionality make it easy to delegate tasks to individual team members and monitor their current status.

Marc Beharry, Boomerang

With Searchmetrics, all the information we need is centralized. It allows us to deliver large-scale, custom reporting for dozens of international brands through quick, easy-to-understand dashboards. You can add nearly every KPI, chart or table to a report or dashboard. And regular reports and alerts can be sent automatically. It’s a great time saver.”

Marc Beharry, SEO Strategist, Boomerang Pharma

The Benefit: Searchmetrics slashes time for site diagnostics and SEO analysis by 40 percent

The reporting and site optimization functionality of Searchmetrics have produced tangible business value for Boomerang. “With the consolidation of our SEO data in a single repository, Searchmetrics has reduced reporting time by half,” Barry emphasizes. “And SEO analysis and diagnostics time have been reduced by more than 40 percent per site as major issues are constantly monitored and their respective technical solutions suggested automatically.”

Marc Beharry, Boomerang

“With Google making more frequent algorithm changes, the Searchmetrics Suite is essential for us. Searchmetrics cuts our time for site optimization and analysis by 40 percent.”

Marc Beharry, SEO Strategist, Boomerang Pharma

Time savings from Searchmetrics tie directly to revenue as agency teams can now handle more business. Its research and analysis support new business development by giving Boomerang a fast, convenient way of analyzing the search performance of prospective new clients and their competitors.

And since Searchmetrics integrates easily with a client’s web analytics tools, Boomerang can demonstrate how its SEO strategies boost quality traffic to client sites. “We’re able to correlate keyword rankings with traffic from search queries,” comments Barry. “You need to marry those two aspects if you really want to know whether you’re progressing or regressing.”

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