Clear website structure of the Campanda online platform and improved user experience thanks to Searchmetrics

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Campanda in 2014 became the world’s largest online platform for leasing and renting mobile homes and campers, growing recently to more than 26,250 vehicles in more than 42 countries.

On, customers have the opportunity to lease mobile homes all over the world and place their own vehicles online for rent. Campanda, with six local websites in eight countries and six languages, cooperates with a wide range of commercial vendors and private mobile home owners.

Given the complexity of its operations, it must efficiently direct user flows through the conversion funnel to generate new customers and conclude bookings.

The Challenge: Perfecting technical optimization and adapting the website architecture

Before adopting Searchmetrics Suite, Campanda had a hard time pinpointing weaknesses in site architecture. Using tools from other vendors, Campanda could analyze individual areas well, but it could not summarize those areas into a comprehensive strategy. After working through the problem in tests of the Searchmetrics Suite, Campanda discovered a great potential for improvement, which convinced the online platform to fully roll out the Searchmetrics Suite.

Chris Möller, Founder, Campanda

“With Searchmetrics we finally got an overall view into our website architecture. This, and the other comprehensive functions, convinced us to use the software permanently.”

Chris Möller, Founder, Campanda

The Solution: Always keep an eye on the website project, and detect and eliminate mistakes early with the Searchmetrics Suite

The continuous technical optimization and the improvement of the website architecture were key areas of focus for Campanda. With a precise analysis and the recommendations of the Site Structure Optimization and Link Optimization, Campanda has now the complete internal link structure and the technical foundation of the website securely under control, and can achieve an ideal linking of their individual pages through targeted optimization.

Such prioritization is child’s play because each identified optimization potential is provided with information on search volumes, clicks, current ranking, search intentions, etc. It is therefore easy for Campanda to tackle precisely those problems and potentials, for which the optimization has the greatest positive effect.

With the help of the Searchmetrics Suite it is now also possible for Campanda to continuously illuminate its website project from all sides and constantly push for optimization. At the same time, the online platform uses the software for reliable monitoring of the rankings. Therefore the URL and Keyword Optimization features help Campanda with identifying problems, analyzing errors, and permanent monitoring of the KPIs.

Anna Loor, SEO Manager, Campanda

“The highly-detailed overview provided by the Searchmetrics Suite guides us through all the errors and problems that we can now quickly and easily identify and resolve through the offered optimization options.”

Anna Loor, SEO Manager, Campanda

The Result: Significantly clearer web site architecture, better crawlability, and a huge amount of time-savings through the Searchmetrics Suite

Many individual tasks from the day-to-day business can be combined into an integrated workflow with the Searchmetrics Suite. By creating tasks and e-mail alerts, Campanda can better organize the work. Thus, Searchmetrics provides an immense time-saving here.

However, the top goals by working with the Searchmetrics Suite were a much clearer website architecture, as well as an optimized internal linking, which should guarantee a better crawlability of the website. Campanda achieved both points by using the software and its data-driven analysis, Loor says. The company also found concrete improvements by reducing technical errors. Overall, the user experience was significantly improved, and the visitors of the online platform now find the information they are looking for through a balanced internal link structure.

Anna Loor, SEO Manager, Campanda

“With Searchmetrics, we were able to reach our ultimate goal: a clear website architecture with a meaningful internal link structure that no longer has any technical flaws.”

Anna Loor, SEO Manager, Campanda

Campanda’s optimizations resulted in a massive increase in SEO visibility. The website is now displayed more often in the first search results on Google & Co. under the keywords relevant to its target group.

Case Study mit Campanda: SEO Visbility

Image 1: SEO Visibility of

“Many projects initiated by Searchmetrics have not yet been completed. We remain on the ball to continuously improve our website structure and monitor our visibility. With the Searchmetrics Suite, we are finally able to reliably analyze where sources of errors are and resolve them immediately. This is the only way to ensure that the performance of our website remains at a high level,” Loor concludes.

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