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DaWanda is an online marketplace for the creative lifestyle. With unique products, do-it-yourself instructions and matching materials, DaWanda offers an alternative to industrially-produced bulk goods and also a community of people who appreciate the uniqueness of handmade items.

Since its foundation, more than 360,000 designers and creators have registered at, of which many thousands offer handmade items daily.

The Challenge: Prioritize, create and measure content for a wide range of product categories that are constantly evolving

For a marketplace like DaWanda, the main challenge is dealing with user-generated content: From a content optimization perspective, they need to keep up with their sellers who are always coming up with new and amazing ideas for handmade products – which means that the product categories are always evolving and expanding.

Prioritization, creation and measurement of content is time-consuming and not easily scalable. When it comes to creating content for many product categories like those in DaWanda’s business range, it is a real challenge and involves a lot of time spent using a software, which is not always an efficient way of fulfilling their requirements.

Another issue is that search can be very challenging for a marketplace, especially when it comes to crawl budget management and internal linking optimization.

Martina Carucci, DaWanda

“Search can be challenging for marketplaces, especially when it comes to crawl budget management and internal linking optimization. My recommendation is to focus on those pages (or groups of pages) that bring additional value to the users and make them easily accessible in a few clicks – always having the user intent in mind.”

Martina Carucci, SEO Lead, DaWanda GmbH


DaWanda needed a software that could help them accomplish all their different needs, and also bring the results together for more analyses, provide search and content optimization recommendations, and measure success.

The Solution: Scale the content creation process and focus on the most relevant pages with the Searchmetrics Suite

For DaWanda, the Searchmetrics Suite is an all-in-one software that they can use for all their needs, from content optimization prioritization to success measurement. The marketplace doesn’t need to work with extra spreadsheets or other tools, as everything happens within the Searchmetrics Suite. This aspect helps DaWanda to scale the content creation process while, at the same time, focusing on the most relevant pages.

Martina Carucci, DaWanda

“The Searchmetrics Suite is an all-in-one software that fulfills all our needs – from content optimization prioritization to success measurement.”

Martina Carucci, SEO Lead, DaWanda GmbH

When it comes to search, DaWanda noticed that being able to rank for multiple related keywords can really make a difference, as it helps build authority for a given topic. In the Searchmetrics Suite, they can assign Page Tags to their optimized pages, letting them analyze and report on a subset of pages. They tagged their pages following a semantic approach, grouping all pages together that are target related. This lets DaWanda monitor the SEO Visibility for a specific product category and they can also compare it against their competitors’ SEO Visibility, enabling them to take different actions for each product type.

In their day-to-day work with Searchmetrics, DaWanda is mostly focused on Content Optimization. This feature supports the marketplace by better guiding the optimization process of their content helping them make better-informed decisions – for example by selecting the most relevant keywords. It also makes the research process much faster and the option to include stopwords helps DaWanda to improve the relevancy of the results.

DaWanda also uses the Searchmetrics Suite to track the results of their optimization efforts. They tag their keywords and URLs to track the development of their rankings and constantly improve their SEO strategy. In this way, they always know which URLs are ranking for which keywords. The keyword position overview lets them also see how long it takes for their optimization efforts to take effect.

The Result: Prioritizing the top-performing URLs for optimization gives DaWanda a 94% increase in SEO Visibility

  • Increase in SEO Visibility: +94%

With the help of Searchmetrics, DaWanda could increase their SEO Visibility for 67 keywords within a six-month time frame. A big help for this achievement was the Searchmetrics Research Cloud. Within this analysis area, DaWanda could focus on the Top Performing URLs section, where the highest potential pages are shown. There, they followed the suggested prioritization to choose which pages to optimize first. The result through this strategy is shown in the following screen:

Searchmetrics Project SEO Visibility of

Image 1: Searchmetrics Project SEO Visibility of (67 Keywords)

Martina Carucci, DaWanda

“Searchmetrics provides fantastic software for optimization and tracking – and they give you great customer service too!”

Martina Carucci, SEO Lead, DaWanda GmbH


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