Optimizing online content with the Searchmetrics Content Experience creates 16% more conversions for Dentolo

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“Healthy teeth should not be a luxury product, but accessible to everyone.”
It’s a motto Dentolo both practices and preaches. Founded in 2015, Dentolo is an online marketplace leveraging technology and data to offer patients seamless and cost-saving access to high-quality dentistry. To provide the best price-performance ratio on the market, Dentolo works with a highly qualified network of specialists in many fields of dentistry. In addition to a comprehensive guide for dental health, Dentolo patients can obtain a personal cost estimate before dental treatment.

The Challenge: Create relevant content with a holistic software solution and make better use of the potential of organic search

Users are searching online for answers to everything, including questions about their dental health. With patients looking for the answers in search engines, Dentolo aims to provide useful, reliable information for all users. To do that, however, Dentolo needed increase its online visibility by optimizing its content to generate more conversions from shopper to patient.

Dentolo began a search for a software platform offering a holistic solution – covering everything from topic search, keyword density and text length to the readability and measurability of content.

The Solution: The Searchmetrics Content Experience provides valuable insights into user intent, enabling the creation of online content relevant to audiences at the right time and place

Tasja Bäuerle, Head of PR, Content & SEO, Dentolo

“We knew there was a lot of potential in our content – it just needed fine-tuning to rank with the most important keywords on page 1.”

Tasja Bäuerle, Head of PR, Content & SEO, Dentolo

Before Dentolo switched to the Searchmetrics Content Experience, a less comprehensive tool was used to optimize the articles using WDF*IDF. Dentolo with that tool had seen modest successes, especially since the handling of the tool was neither intuitive nor self-explanatory, Bäuerle says.

After implementing the Searchmetrics Content Experience, Dentolo was able to cover all the needs of the employees working on SEO and content. The software gives company writers and editors valuable insights into which topics have been under-discussed online, which keywords and existing articles have particularly high potential for customer engagement and information on which search queries users apply to access Dentolo’s articles. Crucially, the Searchmetrics software now identifies the user intent of each search, helping Dentolo direct content that best fulfills such intent.

Tasja Bäuerle, Head of PR, Content & SEO, Dentolo

“The Searchmetrics Content Experience helps us understand what our users are looking for, what they expect from our articles, and with what content, keywords, and text length we can answer their questions in an optimized, targeted way.”

Tasja Bäuerle, Head of PR, Content & SEO, Dentolo

“Our content strategy so far has mainly been focused on the creation of new articles; a holistic software platform for the optimization of existing articles has been missing,” adds Tasja Bäuerle.

Dentolo’s next steps include optimizing articles that already exist on the company’s site using the Searchmetrics Content Editor. By refreshing old content and optimizing it before republishing it, the company aims to increase rankings and to focus on making top-performing articles better. The company continues to write fresh content, whose relevance can now be detected and verified using the Searchmetrics Topic Explorer.

The Result: Content optimization leads to improvements in rankings and to 16% more conversions

  • 24% more visitors
  • 16% more conversions

After optimizing some of its existing articles, Dentolo found immediate improvements in organic search results rankings. For keywords that Dentolo had previously ranked on page 3 or 4, thanks to optimization guided by the Searchmetrics Content Experience, they’re now ranking on page 1. For some keywords, Dentolo even occupies the coveted first position. Through the improved visibility, in just one month of using the Searchmetrics Content Experience, Dentolo was able to generate 24% more visitors and 16% more conversions on its guide.

Searchmetrics Case Study with Dentolo: Organic Rankings

Image 1: Organic Rankings of dentolo.de after the optimization

Dentolo’s goal has been to increase visibility, especially for the articles that have a high conversion rate.

Tasja Bäuerle, Head of PR, Content & SEO, Dentolo

“By improving our rankings using the Searchmetrics Content Experience, we were able to increase our online sales significantly and effectively.”

Tasja Bäuerle, Head of PR, Content & SEO, Dentolo

The following image shows that content optimization did indeed have a significant impact on SEO Visibility:

Searchmetrics Case Study with Dentolo: Organic Rankings: SEO Visibility

Image 2: SEO Visibility of dentolo.de

The Searchmetrics Content Experience has easily surpassed Dentolo’s expectations for a return on its investment in the platform. The company expected slight visibility gains articles that it assumed had already been thoroughly optimized. Dentolo now has a deeper expectation of what “fine-tuning” means.

Tasja Bäuerle, Head of PR, Content & SEO, Dentolo

“Seeing how the rankings improved so clearly – and in most cases immediately – after optimization has really opened our eyes to how much potential there is in our articles and our guidebook, and that the Searchmetrics Content Experience helps us to make the most of it.”

Tasja Bäuerle, Head of PR, Content & SEO, Dentolo

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