“We use Searchmetrics … to benchmark against competitors.

Maxime Rauer, Manager, Manager Natural Search at eBay

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The Challenge: Deliver A Unified Solution For Global SEO Tracking And Insight

As one of the world’s leading ecommerce companies, eBay enables hundreds of millions of people to buy, sell and pay online. As an online company, it values a strong, visible search presence. So its marketing department needs to monitor global search visibility and performance, competitor activity and search trends.

Maxime Rauer, eBay

“Search is an important driver of traffic that can translate to sales. So we need an accurate picture of how we are doing in search and how our natural search activity is working. How do we compare against others in our market and what are the latest developments in search? We need to answer these questions.”

Maxime Rauer, Manager, Manager Natural Search at eBay

The Solution: Searchmetrics Delivers Global SEO KPIs Across Over 130 Countries

After running evaluations and pilot trials with a number of platforms, eBay chose the Searchmetrics Suite—an online search and social analytics platform. Searchmetrics automates many aspects of SEO analysis, monitoring and reporting for in-house digital marketers and agencies. Using clear KPIs, it allows users to track SEO performance across all major search engines in over 130 countries. Searchmetrics monitors keywords and sub-pages, evaluates links, analyses and compares domains and identifies competitor strategies.

In the past eBay’s marketing team relied on a variety of separate, regionally focused tools and data sources to monitor search performance. But the company recognized that a global solution, which delivered a unified view, would make it easier to compare performance across markets. “Having one set of accurate, reliable data from a single platform would help us understand what’s working in search and where we might need to work harder,” explains Rauer.

In addition to providing comprehensive global data, the platform had to be easy to use while providing strong reporting functionality that would empower eBay’s marketing team to deliver clear, concise reports on search activity to senior management, with minimal effort.

Maxime Rauer, eBay

“We use Searchmetrics to monitor rankings for our chosen keywords in the various regions and search engines and to benchmark against competitors.”

Maxime Rauer, Manager, Manager Natural Search at eBay

In addition to rankings, the company uses two important Searchmetrics KPIs to benchmark its organic search success.

  • SEO visibility – an index based on an analysis of millions of keyword results, which is used to benchmark and track search engine performance.
  • SEO market share – an estimate of the market share percentage of search engine visibility generated for target keywords compared with competitors.


With these KPIs, eBay sets market share targets for its domains and benchmarks performance against key competitors.

The Benefit: Improved Efficiency And Streamlined Analytics

By unifying all of eBay’s search analytics data in one easy-to-use platform, Searchmetrics delivers savings in time and effort for the company’s marketing team. Searchmetrics accurately tracks and analyzes the backlinks generated for specific subdomains—collating the backlink data generated by campaigns that support eBay deals pages. In addition, Searchmetrics also provides fast, comprehensive reporting capabilities.

”Searchmetrics provides a very wide range of charts and visuals that are ready to incorporate into reports,” concludes Rauer. “We can ship these to senior executives to make it easy to show them what we are doing and what’s working in search.”

About Maxime Rauer:

Maxime graduated from Supinfo International University in 2009 with an MS in Computer Science. He got his first taste of the startup environment as an intern at Digivate, a London Online Marketing Agency. He then moved to the Bay Area and spent three years at eBay – working on SEO, developing tools and supporting strategy with actionable data.

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