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The Challenge: To utilize a
single SEO platform capable of
supporting multiple Elsevier divisions

Elsevier is a world-leading provider of information solutions that enhance the performance of science, health, and technology professionals, empowering them to make better decisions, deliver better care, and sometimes make groundbreaking discoveries that advance the boundaries of knowledge and human progress. Elsevier provides web-based, digital solutions and publishes over 2,500 journals and more than 33,000 book titles.

As Elsevier’s Senior eCommerce Manager, Gabriel Candido Da Silva is responsible for the digital marketing of Elsevier solutions and products. He uses multiple tactics – including the optimization of organic and paid search – to increase traffic on the website. Da Silva had previously heard good things about Searchmetrics Suite, and when the time came to use SEO more effectively, he decided to take a closer look.

“We were using Moz at the time,” notes Da Silva, “but we wanted a more robust platform. We have a lot of detailed pages and needed a better technical overview of how those pages were performing.” He discovered that Searchmetrics Suite could not only provide the technical insight they needed, but could also provide this insight across a diverse range of pages.

“We really wanted to have one platform that would meet all of our needs,” Da Silva continues. “So I began investigating how we could share Searchmetrics throughout all our business units, which supports more than 300 websites. After a lengthy discussion, we decided to choose Searchmetrics Suite, because the platform enables each business unit to create and measure its own set of key performance indicators.”

The Solution: Searchmetrics delivers transparency

For Da Silva’s business unit, Searchmetrics Suite made it possible to diagnose the technical issues that had negatively impacted the website’s performance.

Gabriel Candido Da Silva, Senior E-Commerce Manager bei Elsevier

“We had a lot of SEO issues that had impacted our website’s effectiveness in the past. Searchmetrics helped us identify the origin of those issues and resolve them successfully.”

Gabriel Candido Da Silva, Senior E-Commerce Manager at Elsevier

For example, Da Silva’s team noticed that their SEO Visibility, which presents the current trend and historical development of a domain’s visibility in search engines, had improved rapidly: from around 10 percent month over month – only to drop to a sudden 2 percent visibility increase in a subsequent month for no apparent reason.

“Once we started to use Searchmetrics, we could see that our SEO Visibility had a huge drop in one particular time period,” he recalls. “And that mapped exactly to when we migrated from one content management system to another. That really impacted visibility.” With this new information, the team can work with IT to avoid similar problems in the future. In fact, SEO Visibility has now become Elsevier’s most relied upon performance KPI.

Case Study Elsevier: Content Performance

The Result: Refining e-commerce product strategy

Searchmetrics Case Study Elsevier: Competitors

Besides improved SEO Visibility, Da Silva is also able to check keyword winners and losers and backlinks every week. Searchmetrics Suite has even helped Elsevier identify new PPC opportunities. “We know that occasionally technical reasons prevent us from improving organic search for certain pages,” stated Da Silva. “But Searchmetrics Suite is also able to uncover keywords that we can use in our paid search strategies.”

Using the competitive analysis of the platform, Da Silva has also uncovered ways to improve book offerings. “Before Searchmetrics, we used to rely on other departments to tell us what products we should feature,” Da Silva points out. “Now we‘re able to be proactive, because the software provides valuable SEO insight from competitor analysis to Content Optimization.

Elsevier now meets regularly with Searchmetrics to exchange ideas about search and brainstorm about how other divisions can use the Suite effectively.

Gabriel Candido Da Silva, Senior E-Commerce Manager bei Elsevier

“We believe we can still increase our use of the Searchmetrics Suite. Even if we decide to have a central group that manages all our SEO activities or if we work with an agency, we will still have 100 percent buy-in with Searchmetrics Suite. There’s just so much intelligence behind this software, and it’s easy to use.”

Gabriel Candido Da Silva, Senior E-Commerce Manager at Elsevier

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