FTI: 66% more visitors with support of Searchmetrics Suite


About FTI

These figures give some idea of the scale of FTI Touristik’s success: 4.6 million satisfied guests every year, 6,500 employees, vacations offered in more than 120 countries, more than 14,000 travel agencies and an annual growth rate of 15%.

Founded in 1981 as LAL Sprachreisen, the tourism group is now the fourth largest travel operator in Germany and one of the few vertically integrated tourism enterprises. In addition to a strong offline and TV presence, FTI also operates a wide range of travel services online – via the established travel channel Sonnenklar.tv – from flights through package tours and cruises to last minute offers.

The Challenge: Stand out in a sea of competition, score with visibility and excellent content

An increasing number of customers are searching for and booking vacations online. However, competition is this space is growing exponentially.

In this hotly contested market, search engines remain the most important meeting place of supply and demand. It is essential for FTI to continually improve its online presence both technically and with content.

FTI’s in-house SEO team is responsible for all aspects of the company‘s online presence. Among other things, the team ensures optimization of individual websites. These activities include technical and structural optimization such as the optimization of internal links, conversion rate optimization and implementation of a data-driven content strategy.

One of the main tasks of the FTI SEO team is to set FTI’s offers apart from those of the competition and to ensure they are easily found on Google with the most important, traffic generating keywords.

Creating this competitive edge is a particular challenge, as the majority of the relevant content (for example, hotel information) is also available to competitors.

Jan Metzler, FTI

“Because all players access the same data pool, providing unique content becomes a monumental challenge.”

Jan Metzler, SEO Team Leader at FTI

The Solution: Use tools like Content and Site Structure Optimization to achieve a competitive advantage.

For around a year, the Searchmetrics Suite has been an indispensable software solution for the FTI SEO team and supports the team in the implementation of its international search strategy in the DACH Region (Germany/Austria/Switzerland).

The functions of the Searchmetrics Suite come into their own in the selective optimization of keyword rankings and of the conversion rates of websites and individual landing pages.

While formerly the team primarily relied on individual solutions, it has now opted for the enterprise platform Searchmetrics Suite. “No other platform provides us with all relevant search information in this bundled format, clearly presented and processed in a user-friendly way,” explains Jan Metzler, SEO Team Leader at FTI.

Jan Metzler, FTI

“We are now also able to see our most important keyword rankings at a glance and can act accordingly.”

Jan Metzler, SEO Team Leader at FTI


“Analyses are indispensable in reaching the right conclusions for successful search engine optimization: What interests a potential customer? How can I design the content on the website so that my website is found with the relevant keywords in Google?” adds Metzler.

The newly developed Searchmetrics features have become a mainstay of the team‘s everyday work. For example, the Site Structure Optimization feature is vital for gaining a detailed insight into potential website faults (broken links, dead end links, 404 faults, etc.). With Link Optimization, the team can quickly identify which pages have the greatest link power and which have the most incoming or outgoing links.

Content Optimization highlights which topics and sub-topics are suitable for a landing page and whether the content offered on the pages is more attractive than that of competitors.

“Content Optimization and a suitable structure as well as the internal link architecture are the biggest guarantors of success in achieving our SEO objectives,” says Jan Metzler.

Jan Metzler, FTI

Searchmetrics creates an excellent platform for both our strategic planning and for its operative implementation.”

Jan Metzler, SEO Team Leader at FTI

The Dashboards perfectly complement to the detailed analyses. Jan Metzler goes on to say: “We report once a week to the Group management and for this we require a clear presentation of KPIs like ROI as well as traffic and conversion rate trends. Searchmetrics provides us with a fantastic reporting function with which we can create these reports easily and rapidly.”

The Result: Double visibility for fti.de in organic Google search results – more traffic, increasing conversion rates and higher sales

With the detailed analyses and insights of the Searchmetrics Suite, FTI has been able to optimize its SEO strategy in relation to internal links, content or keyword and brand analyses. The end result is significantly improved Google rankings, which in turn have increased traffic and sales.

Jan Metzler, FTI

“In the light of these results, we can only say that our expectations have been completely fulfilled!”

Jan Metzler, SEO Team Leader at FTI

The positive effects are especially noticeable for the fti.de domain.

Only one year after the comprehensive website relaunch, the SEO team has registered:

  • Double domain visibility in organic search results
  • 94% higher SEO visibility in Google
  • 66% more visitors to fti.de
  • 17% higher conversion rate via fti.de
  • 99% more sales due to organic traffic


However, it was not only the functionality of the Searchmetrics Suite that has convinced FTI across the board, it is also enthusiastic about Searchmetrics onboarding and support. Implementation was completed without a hitch and FTI has direct access at any time to an expert client success manager.

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