Steady growth of SEO Visibility: Switching to Searchmetrics Suite paid off for HRS

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HRS was established as a hotel reservation system in 1972 by Robert Ragge in Cologne. Originally situated in a vegetable shop, the family started their business by arranging hotel rooms for business travelers around the world. Eventually, it became known as the first public hotel reservation system in Germany.


Due to the high level of competition in the hotel booking field, an outstanding website is of the highest importance. When trying to reach new potential customers, top search engine rankings are crucial for attracting them to Furthermore, HRS wants to provide even more relevant content on their website to help interested visitors with their booking decision.

Before HRS discovered Searchmetrics as the best analysis software available, the company used another tool that could only retrieve rankings. Soon, they found that this was not enough − HRS realized that they needed software that would also be able to assist them by providing optimization suggestions and in-depth analyses.


Searchmetrics offers a wide range of analysis functions to HRS and provides an excellent overview of their website performance. This flexibility allows HRS not only to control rankings, but to optimize keywords, compare the relevance and evolution of desktop and mobile usage, and analyze content. For deep keyword analysis, HRS uses the Research Cloud and the Searchmetrics Suite project area.

Wojciech Dziedzic, HRS

The Searchmetrics Suite provides us with a comprehensive set of analytics and reliable data that are highly valuable to the positive development of our company.”

Wojciech Dziedzic, SEO Manager, HRS GmbH

Searchmetrics’ Visibility Guard is also of particular importance to HRS. It automatically detects the most valuable pages on the HRS domain and monitors them daily for critical on-page errors. If an error occurs, HRS will be informed immediately, the problem will be fixed as quickly as possible, and thus performance losses will be avoided.

The company uses SEO Visibility to observe the website’s performance, which makes it possible to draw conclusions and enables comparisons with previous periods.


SEO Visibility

Stable growth of SEO Visibility

Keyword Ranking & Performance

Increase in Performance

Searchmetrics has significantly improved the performance of HRS. The software’s wide range of features and analysis capabilities helped the company throughout the successful optimization of their website. This was reflected in HRS’s rankings in the SERPs. The HRS website achieved a steady increase in SEO Visibility and a significant rise in traffic.

Searchmetrics Case Study with HRS: SEO Visibility

Image 1: SEO Visibility of

In addition, Searchmetrics contributed to the improvement of the conversion rate, which led to an increase in online sales. Also, through using the software, HRS was able to improve their time management and start working efficiently.

Wojciech Dziedzic, HRS

“Searchmetrics just makes us more effective. The optimization suggestions and analyses help us to make valuable improvements to our site. The increase in SEO Visibility and conversion rate show that we’re on the right track.”

Wojciech Dziedzic, SEO Manager, HRS GmbH

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