E-Commerce Site iPrice Chooses Searchmetrics To Help Drive Retail Sales Across Southeast Asia

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iPrice helps shoppers find the best prices for products across multiple online retail sites within Southeast Asia. The startup lets users search through more than 25 million products from 40,000 brands across Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong and the Philippines. Founded in 2014, iPrice offers price comparisons, optimized content descriptions and coupons, and drives consumer sales leads to participating retail partners.

The Challenge: Growing web presence for a multinational business

“We are essentially a search-driven company,’’ says David Chmelar, the company’s CEO. “Our business is about getting the right traffic to our site via search, improving its value by turning visitors into potential shoppers, and then sending them in the form of highquality leads to our partners.” Finding the right tools to perform well early on would be essential to success. The e-commerce startup would need a powerful enterprise-level software platform to track organic search performance and provide insights over a multinational footprint, according to Amy Aanen, regional head of editorial content for iPrice.

“We know that content quality is vital, so we wanted a product that could assist us in building our site from the very beginning, and then drive improvements as we grow and learn,” Aanen said. “And of course, we knew it would be essential to also have first-class technical support.”

The Solution: Search and content data for a global marketplace

Searchmetrics Suite stood tallest in a competitive matchup of features, performance and breadth of country coverage, Aanen said. Members of the iPrice content and search teams already had had previous experience with Searchmetrics, and found it best fit iPrice’s needs.

Amy Aanen, Regional Head of Content at iPrice

“While many of the competing search software providers are heavily focused on North America and Europe, Searchmetrics stands out because it has a truly international offering that’s able to give us search performance data tailored to our target countries.”

Amy Aanen, Regional Head of Content at iPrice

“Searchmetrics is geared up to provide enterprise-level functionality for large, content-rich sites such as ours, with a wide variety of features that have quickly become essential to the way we work,” explained Aanen.

The Searchmetrics Suite is designed to support search performance optimization in over 130 countries, providing analysis of local performance right down to the level of individual cities. It has been instrumental in helping iPrice develop a list of 1,000 prioritized keywords and topics for each of its target countries. Performance against these targeted topics is automatically tracked week by week to highlight opportunities where improvements can be made. As part of its commitment to content excellence, each of iPrice’s 20 content editors received training on Searchmetrics Content Optimization feature.

Amy Aanen, Regional Head of Content at iPrice

“We were determined to give all our content editors direct access to Content Optimization. This is an incredibly powerful feature that helps our editors make the pages they’re creating relevant and engaging both for search algorithms and for human visitors.”

Amy Aanen, Regional Head of Content at iPrice

“It highlights strategies being employed by competitive online content and offers up insights and suggestions about keywords, topics, duplication, word counts and other factors that can help optimize and improve our content,” says Aanen.

The Result: Week by week gains in Traffic and Rankings support speedy ROI


Since implementing the Searchmetrics Suite, iPrice has seen noticeable gains in search performance. “We’re seeing a steady progression in the number of our priority keywords where we rank on position 1 to 3 in the SERPs, and we’re noticing week-over-week improvements in many countries when it comes to traffic,” explained Aanen.

In Indonesia, the company has seen traffic for its focus keywords rise 53% over a three-month period. For Thailand, it increased 39%.

Over a similar time period, rankings in Malaysia rose 1.3 positions, with almost 50% of organic traffic coming from the selected 1,000 prioritized keywords.

Searchmetrics Case Study with iPrice: SEO Visibility

Image 1: SEO Visibility of iprice.hk

The Searchmetrics Suite delivers savings in time and efficiency savings through its ease of use. Content Optimization in particular helps iPrice’s content editors produce better quality, higherperforming content more quickly, with fewer rewrites. iPrice is keen to take advantage of Searchmetrics’ capability for tracking search performance on mobile devices and its ability to compare the mobile and desktop search performance of its content.

Many people in our region only use mobiles, and more than half our traffic currently comes from mobile devices – making it critical for us to understand how we are performing. The fact that Searchmetrics has already built mobile tracking into its platform is another example of how its technology is continually evolving to keep up with the way search is changing,” says David Chmelar, Cofounder & CEO of iPrice.

David Chmelar, Co-Gründer and CEO of iPrice

“While search is about building online assets that perform in the long term, we believe that the Searchmetrics Suite has quickly started delivering a valuable return, meaning the investment will pay for itself within one to two years.”

David Chmelar, Cofounder & CEO of iPrice