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iValue is a full-service online marketing agency. With around 50 employees, they are one of the biggest independent agencies in Belgium. They primarily specialize in online marketing, strategy, design, content creation, web development and technology.


Everything the agency does is focused on its customers. iValue analyzes their clients’ current websites and target groups, identifies problems and opportunities, and increases their digital impact. The right strategy and the right tools are essential for this to be successful. In the past, iValue used different tools at the same time to get all the functionalities they were looking for. But they came to the conclusion that they were wasting a lot of time by exporting reports and synchronizing the work from the different applications. This slowed down their  customerfacing reaction times. iValue wanted to change this and set about searching for an integrated software that would provide the features they needed and save them a lot of time.


While looking for a software to meet their needs, iValue came across the Searchmetrics Suite, which immediately stood out because of its variety of features. The only thing that was initially concerning was that the software was slightly more expensive than some other tools. But upon further assessment of the software, iValue realized that everything they needed was included within one platform – from tracking, measuring and analyzing to the ability to create predictable solutions and measurable ROI. The agency therefore decided that Searchmetrics could be exceedingly beneficial in terms of time management and efficiency and were convinced their investment would bring quick returns. That’s why they decided to work with Searchmetrics.

The onboarding process to get iValue started on the Searchmetrics platform went smoothly as iValue were allocated a dedicated Customer Success Manager who supported their introduction to the software, helped to set their account up and tailor the platform to their needs. Following the onboarding, the individual software users could strengthen their knowledge by completing the Searchmetrics Yellow, Green Belt Certifications and one exclusive Black Belt Certification.

Stijn Vogels, iValue

“Since we started working with Searchmetrics, we no longer need to combine the data from different sources and tools for our clients. We now have everything included in one platform. This saves us a huge amount of time and makes us more efficient.”

Stijn Vogels, Online Marketer, iValue


Case Study Pitches

30% more pitches won since using Searchmetrics

SEO Visibility

Increase of customers’ SEO Visibility

Website Traffic & Online Revenue

Increase of customers’ website traffic & online revenue

iValue is now using Searchmetrics in all departments. As well as their online marketing consultants, their UX, Sales and CEO all work with the platform for different purposes, and all of them can clearly see benefits in using Searchmetrics for their individual tasks and challenges.

One particularly valuable aspect of working with Searchmetrics is its use in the agency’s pitches, as they can use Searchmetrics data – even in a relatively small market like Belgium. And the Searchmetrics Research Cloud delivers perfect results that reveal areas of potential for their clients, also compared to their competitors.

The KPIs like Traffic Potential and the exact search volume of keywords makes SEO more tangible to their clients – this helps iValue to win pitches more easily than before. The process of creating a tailored dashboard and including all KPIs to showcase a complete customer overview has also been made easier and quicker by using the Searchmetrics platform.

Jacob Eeckhout, iValue

“We know that we can rely on the data quality of Searchmetrics. This is extremely important for us when preparing pitches for prospects and identifying their areas of potential – also compared to their competitors. Through showcasing this, we are able to win more pitches then before using Searchmetrics.”

Jacob Eeckhout, Managing Director, iValue


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