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The Challenge: Creating a holistic approach for an international market

Lufthansa, headquartered in Cologne, Germany, is one of the world’s largest airlines. Privatized in 1997, Lufthansa includes several fully owned airlines, including Germanwings, SWISS, and the Austrian Airlines Group.

From its German hubs, Lufthansa flies to hundreds of destinations all over the world on a daily basis. It also operates several international hubs, including hubs in the United States and Germany. Given their global presence, Lufthansa and its subsidiary airlines are not only attractive for customers in its home market in Germany, but for international markets beyond. With a rapidly growing number of customers looking to find and purchase their tickets online, Lufthansa needs a global strategy to allow them to engage with customers worldwide.

Since 2010, Lufthansa has relied on blueSummit for advice on optimizing its search profile. As a partner of Searchmetrics, the internationally established performance marketing consultancy blueSummit relies on the Searchmetrics Suite to maximize the visibility of the Lufthansa domains in Google-based organic and paid search results.

According to the VIR (Verband Internet Reisebetrieb e.V.), the internet is becoming an increasingly significant factor in vacations and business travel. This is especially true in Lufthansa’s home market, where upwards of 37% of Germans now book their trips online. Online users most frequently book accommodation (26%), closely following by flight tickets and package tours (15% respectively). The VIR’s annual study shows that the numbers of web-based travel bookings is not only increasing, but increasing at an exponential rate. For these consumers, Google is the first resource for those looking for flight information and direct price comparisons; airlines with low organic and paid search visibility are quickly left behind. To support its client Lufthansa, blueSummit needed a search platform capable of crafting a holistic search approach for the airline’s broad target market. Thus, they decided to utilize the Searchmetrics Suite solution.

The Solution: A unique database for individual rankings and concrete optimization insights

Searchmetrics Case Study with Lufthansa: Organic Competitors

With the Searchmetrics platform, blueSummit gains access to the world’s largest search and content database. With more than 250 billion datasets on content, SEO, PPC, social and wireless networks at their disposal, all relevant information for any given domain worldwide can be accessed with a mouse click – an absolute prerequisite for keeping abreast of changes across Lufthansa’s many domains.

Given Lufthansa’s international web presence, it was ultimately the international availability of data that cemented blueSummit’s decision to invest in Searchmetrics. The Searchmetrics Suite global Research Cloud offers historical search data from all six continents (over 130 countries) and provides insights into SEO Visibility, Paid Visibility, and Mobile Visibility, as well as information on link structure and social signals – the perfect conditions for monitoring Lufthansa’s web presence and optimization of its global search strategy. In addition, the team can now draw up-to-date conclusions about relevant search terms and by mouse click generate a list of recommended keywords for each country and each connected search machine, e.g. Google, Yahoo, Bing or Baidu using the Searchmetrics Research Cloud.

“These evaluations are indispensable in our daily work” comments Daniela Czerwionke, Head of SEO Operations at blueSummit. “It allows Lufthansa to reach concrete conclusions about each market they operate in. The reporting options in the Searchmetrics Suite are almost as important for Lufthansa and their SEO team at blueSummit. The individual dashboards and reports really simplify the processing and presentation procedure for our data.”

“blueSummit steers our search strategy both for our domestic market and in all other markets that are important for us. For that reason, it’s essential that we keep an eye on the performance of all our domains worldwide,” adds Thorsten Asmussen, Senior Manager Digital Sales at Lufthansa.

Case Study with Lufthansa: Mobile Performance

Thorsten Asmussen, Senior Manager Digital Sales at Lufthansa

“Thanks to the reports blueSummit generates by using the Searchmetrics Suite, we’re able to see all of our KPI’s and rankings at a glance, and then assess the effects of our efforts on our SEO strategy with ease.”

Thorsten Asmussen, Senior Manager Digital Sales at Lufthansa

The Result: Efficient workflows and an optimized search strategy generate high traffic and improved SERP rankings

Thorsten Asmussen, Senior Manager Digital Sales at Lufthansa

The use of the Searchmetrics Suite by blueSummit has really paid off – with it, we have seen improved rankings in organic search results and increased traffic on our website.

Thorsten Asmussen, Senior Manager Digital Sales at Lufthansa

“The Searchmetrics platform has considerably simplified our workflows across the board. We are able to work much more efficiently and thanks to the concrete results associated with optimization suggestions, we can completely focus on Lufthansa’s global search strategy – not only in Lufthansa’s home market, but on an international level,” Daniela of blueSummit explains. And it is precisely this efficiency that is now quantifiable: improved rankings, more traffic on Lufthansa websites and improved positioning in organic search results.

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