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The Challenge: Realize Content Optimization as a holistic and continuous process does exactly what the word means in German – care. The largest lifestyle portal for elder care in Germany, founded in 2011, delivered qualified phone advice, articles and free tips on products for health and nursing.

In just three months,’s website was revamped for a new visual look and feel, jettisioning old content and refocusing the site on higher quality content and research.

In the first phase of the relaunch, decided to slash its indexed URLs by 95%. The company needed to adjust the remaining URLs into the new structure, and wanted to accomplish both seamlessly, without any loss in search traffic. Homepage

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To do both, the company needed extremely accurate monitoring and optimization of keywords, old and new. wanted to reinforce its position as a counselor on elder care, able to authoritatively answer questions on care and support with the latest and most up-to-date information available.

Marina Eins, Head of Search Marketing (SEA/SEO) bei

“Good content is about quality, not quantity. There’s no room for conjecture or generalizations – content should just respond to the audience’s questions.”

Marina Eins, Head of Search Marketing (SEA/SEO) at needed to inventory its ranking URLS and their keywords to divide them into clean redirect clusters for the new URL structure. After that, it needed to regularly monitor the identified keywords to optimize for any changes in the rankings.

The Solution: Choose Searchmetrics Suite for content optimization in each phase of planning’s marketing team for years has used SEO tools that targeted only specific keywords, rather than looking holistically at topics on the basis of related keyword clusters. The time had come to look for a more advanced solution.

Based on strong recommendations by several top SEOs in the field, chose the Searchmetrics Suite to perform standard visibility and ranking data, and to monitor on-page optimization. Searchmetrics also was able to support processes for Keyword Research and Content Optimization.

Marina Eins, Head of Search Marketing (SEA/SEO) bei

“The Searchmetrics Suite is the most convenient all-in-one solution for us to operate SEO holistically.”

Marina Eins, Head of Search Marketing (SEA/SEO) at used the Optimization modules in the Searchmetrics Suite to check both the site structure, as well as keyword analysis to tailor content creation. Once the copy was written, it could be cross-checked for the most  important must-have keywords and relevant topics before the publication. After the mid-February launch, checks took place again.


The Result: Clean relaunch, with increasing visibility

SEO visibility of

Image 2: SEO Visibility of


Despite eliminating 95% of existing URLS, there was no visibility loss; it actually began growing beyond the baseline after just two weeks. Better rankings of the new Searchmetrics’ optimized content helped, Eins said.

Since relaunch, the Searchmetrics Suite has been supporting the regular monitoring of the most important SEO KPIs and helping develop and optimize other content topics. By using the Content Performance chart, the success of the existing optimized pages and their keywords can be accurately measured.

By using the Keyword Research module, exciting new keywords for the area can be revealed. In addition to that, gets insights through the competitor module in current rankings of competitors and is able to monitor which topics they are not covering right now that should be included in the portfolio.

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