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Saleduck is an online coupon and deals platform used by millions of Europeans to discover sales bargains. As a consumer-centric company, our goal is to make online shoppers happy. HSearchmetrics Case Study mit Saleduck, Domingo Karstenow do we do that? By delivering a large number of qualitative, exclusive discounts and sales offers to online consumers.

In 2010, my partner and I started the company that has now grown to become Saleduck. In 2015, the company expanded to Switzerland, Turkey, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, and 2016 will bring many more opportunities for continued and exponential growth.

The Challenge: Gather knowledge about Saleduck search performance, compare with competitors and improve rankings.

Search and search visibility is the lifeblood of any e-commerce business. Customers often don’t look for a deals website initially, but search for a specific brand or product. Once they have their mind set on the desired product or service, they want to know if there’s a better deal.

At this stage, they use search to look for comparisons, reviews, coupons and/or deals. Obviously, it’s important to us that customers find Saleduck in the #1 position.

Domingo Karsten, Managing Director of Saleduck

“In competitive sports, athletes need the best equipment to improve their performance. E-commerce isn’t that different, but we rely on online ‘tools’ to boost our performance.”

Domingo Karsten, Managing Director of Saleduck

As a result of this customer journey, a large proportion of our traffic comes from organic search. Hence, it is very important for us to know how we perform in search, how visible we are in comparison to our competitors, and what aspects we can improve to rank better. We need a tool that gives us the best in-depth information, as well as a fast and concise data overview. Searchmetrics has it all and proved to be the perfect solution for us.

The Solution: Enhancing our success through the Searchmetrics Suite

Domingo Karsten, Managing Director of Saleduck

“Previously, we had used Google Webmaster tools, but Searchmetrics could provide us with the desired information faster, in greater depth and with a clear overview using the dashboard.”

Domingo Karsten, Managing Director of Saleduck

Searchmetrics had been on our wish list for a while, so we were very happy when it became available in Belgium and we acquired it as one of our primary platforms. One of the features of the Searchmetrics Suite that we frequently use is the Research Cloud.

Saleduck is active in more than 10 European markets, and some of them are very niche, like Belgium’s Wallonia (population: 5 million) or Switzerland’s Romandie (population: 2 million). The Research Cloud gives us the opportunity to thoroughly explore and analyze these niche markets.

By working in this way, we have become less dependent on our core keywords and have achieved a better overall performance.

Searchmetrics Case Study with Saleduck: Searchmetrics Suite - Organic Competitors of

Image 2: Searchmetrics Suite – Organic Competitors of

Domingo Karsten, Managing Director of Saleduck

Using this data we have optimized improvements of 10 – 50% in search performance for specific topics, with a subsequent improvement in sales.”

Domingo Karsten, Managing Director of Saleduck

The Result: Working with Searchmetrics Suite proved to be very beneficial for insight in our different markets.

To get our employees up to speed with Searchmetrics, and to make the transition from Google Analytics and other tools, we took a digital course and tutorial. Searchmetrics is one of the online platforms we encourage all of our employees to work with ‒ though no one really needs encouragement, since everyone loves working with the software.

Working with the Searchmetrics Suite has proven to be very beneficial for insights into our key markets. It leads to focusing our efforts where we see opportunities, increased visitor numbers and increased revenue.

The personal contact with the Searchmetrics team has been outstanding and we appreciate their willingness to share tips and tricks to using the software. I am sure we will discover even more ways to get the most out of the Searchmetrics Suite, and to continue to improve our performance. In business, as in sport, there can be only one champion.

Domingo Karsten, Managing Director of Saleduck

For e-commerce software, the Searchmetrics Suite is definitely in pole position.”

Domingo Karsten, Managing Director of Saleduck

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