How Tekzen and SEM could surpass their expectations by overworking the eCommerce site with Searchmetrics

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Tekzen is one of Turkey’s largest DIY (Do it Yourself) retail and home improvement eCommerce retailers. Founded in 1995, it has grown to 120 stores across Turkey and is among the country’s largest domestic companies. It has more stores than any other DIY chain. Their SEO agency is our Sapphire Partner SEM, a leading Performance Marketing Agency from Istanbul, Turkey, founded in 2006. SEM is responsible for taking care of company’s eCommerce sites in all matters related to SEO and website improvements.

The Challenge: Build a strong and healthy eCommerce site and improve SEO Visibility

Search and SEO Visibility are the best ways of standing out from the competition in Turkey. Tekzen began a search for an experienced agency, backed by comprehensive software, to significantly improve the SEO Visibility of With no tolerance for site downtime, Tekzen needed a partner to provide fast and reliable support with content optimization and keyword research.

In SEM, they found a partner that was highly specialized in SEO and already had years of experience working with the Searchmetrics Suite. SEM could meet all their requirements with the help of Searchmetrics. The retailer now had the powerful Searchmetrics platform to help their eCommerce sites perform.

Serbay Arda Ayzit, Head of SEO, SEM

“With Searchmetrics, we can closely monitor the SEO Visibility of all our clients and their competitor sites to see if they are increasing or decreasing. Searchmetrics is the most well-known and useful software in Turkey.”

Serbay Arda Ayzit, Head of SEO, SEM

The Solution: Use Searchmetrics for deep analysis, keyword research and content optimization

From 2015, SEM and Tekzen’s eCommerce team began implementing their plan to improve the site’s health and visibility. Other features of the Searchmetrics Suite that were most helpful for Tekzen other than SEO Visibility were Keyword Research, Organic Competitors and Content Optimization. SEM also uses the software to monitor the statuses of their other clients that operate globally.

The plan set up by Tekzen and SEM for the eCommerce site was to achieve significant improvements in SEO Visibility, organic sessions and organic transactions in two to three months. The goals were clearly defined: 50% growth in visibility and 50% growth in organic sessions and transactions compared to the previous year. The Searchmetrics features mentioned above were extremely useful when developing the strategic target plan, as the current situation could easily be checked and compared with competitors, providing a basis for setting goals to be achieved.

Celal Bal, eCommerce manager, Tekzen A.Ş

“Searchmetrics helped us to build up a strategic target plan, as we could easily check what the current situation compared to our competitors was and what we needed to achieve to beat them.”

Celal Bal, eCommerce manager, Tekzen A.Ş

The Result: Expectations surpassed with a 65% increase in organic transactions

  • 80% increase in SEO Visibility
  • 52% increase in organic sessions
  • 65% increase in organic transactions


Thanks to the clarity of the plan, a well thought-out structure and data-driven software that could come up with the analyses that were needed to realize the strategic plan, SEM was able to surpass the expectations and achieve an 80% increase in SEO Visibility, a 52% increase in organic sessions and a 65% increase in organic transactions.

The following screen shows the steep rise in the site’s visibility:
Case Study SEM/Tekzen: SEO Visibility


Other important achievements for were:

  • Increase in SERPs
  • Increase in website traffic
  • Increase in engagement/conversions
  • Increase in online revenue from search channels


“After a successful migration, we could easily see where we passed our competitors as in which category and where we need to optimize better,” says Ayzit.

Serbay Arda Ayzit, Head of SEO, SEM

“We had the chance to compare our client’s competitors’ pages with diffracted topics by using ranking data and directories reports provided by Searchmetrics.”

Serbay Arda Ayzit, Head of SEO, SEM

As they implemented their plan to improve Tekzen’s site, SEM also discovered that another major advantage of using Searchmetrics is the time it saves. The current status of the site can be easily evaluated and the Content Optimization feature makes it is very easy to come up with a plan for improvements and to report increases or decreases to the client. “The reporting offered by Searchmetrics is clear, logical and simple, which is why we use it to send reports straight to the management boards without any revisions,” concludes Ayzit.

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