20% increase in traffic and SEO Visibility for SPORT1.de thanks to Searchmetrics Consulting and Searchmetrics Suite

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SPORT1 is the leading sports platform in the German-speaking countries and stands for high-quality live sports, proven sporting competence, and sound and entertaining coverage. Under the multimedia umbrella brand SPORT1, SPORT1 GmbH, a Constantin Medien AG company, unites all TV, online, mobile and social media activities.

SPORT1.de offers up-to-date multimedia content and livestream services. Among other things, SPORT1 is active in the online sector with its own SPORT1 YouTube channel, as well as gaming and eSports offerings. In the mobile sector, the SPORT1 app is one of the most successful German sports apps.

The Challenge: Continuous development of SEO and editorial processes in order to grow SPORT1’s lead as the premier sports platform

When SPORT1 GmbH decided to use Searchmetrics Professional Services at the beginning of 2013, there was no internal SEO department at SPORT1. There was a lack of resources, experience and know-how for bringing IT department requirements and insights into business processes. Working with Searchmetrics Consulting, it quickly became clear that tasks and challenges needed to be identified, and integrated into the company. From the end of 2014, an even closer cooperation between Searchmetrics and SPORT1 was agreed, which resulted in the secondment of an interim SEO officer to Ismaning.Every two weeks, SPORT1 had a consultant on site who took over the job of an in-house SEO, advancing important topics and training the SPORT1 editors. There were meetings with the IT, editorial (News & Video), product management, sales and analysis departments, as well as with management. Thus, many important strategic decisions were fundamentally rethought and looked at through „SEO-tinted spectacles“.

In addition, Searchmetrics supported the hiring process of the new SEO Manager at SPORT1, ensuring seamless handover and incorporation. Since joining in 2015, Simona Zemenova-Tobsch, Team Lead SEO/Traffic Management at SPORT1, is taking care of these matters.

SPORT1 has been gaining new users in recent years, especially through the organic search channel. A large number of new users come via the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and the Google News Boxes.

Simona Zemenova-Tobsch, SPORT1

“For SPORT1, it is particularly important to continuously develop SEO and editorial processes to remain at the top and strengthen our position as number one in the sports sector. Searchmetrics Professional Services proactively help us achieve these goals.”

Simona Zemenova-Tobsch, Team Lead SEO/Traffic Management, SPORT1

The Solution: Increasing SEO Visibility through expert advice, suitable solutions and the largest keyword set on the market

Since Simona Zemenova-Tobsch had previously worked with the Searchmetrics Suite, the choice of software for achieving its goals was clear to SPORT1.

Simona Zemenova-Tobsch, SPORT1

“Clear arguments for the Searchmetrics Suite were also the much larger set of keywords than the competition has and the competent and flexible Professional Services team that responds quickly to urgent requests and always finds a high-performance solution.”

Simona Zemenova-Tobsch, Team Lead SEO/Traffic Management, SPORT

“We also get regular updates from the Professional Services team about Google updates, news, changes, and hints on what we need to change and communicate,” says Simona.

In daily use, a regular analysis of the SEO Visibility development is important for SPORT1. Here, it is helpful to view metrics for the directories and subdomains covering the sports SPORT1 reports on. These directories are especially important when the sports have a seasonal visibility.

In addition, SPORT1 uses Traffic Forecast for its projects to assess the potential of traffic in various keyword clusters and to react accordingly.

To monitor and identify changes or errors, such as redirects or 404 errors, the sport platform likes to use the Searchmetrics Visibility Guard. This automatic warning system immediately alerts you to critical errors, allowing timely troubleshooting. The SPORT1 editorial team also uses Searchmetrics briefings to create content – especially for the optimization of topic pages.

The Result: 20% increase in SEO traffic profit and visibility through Searchmetrics

  • Approx. 20% increase in SEO traffic profit from 2015 to 2017
  • Significant reduction of the bounce rate
  • 20% increase in SEO Visibility (desktop and mobile) from January 2017 to August 2017


By using Searchmetrics, SPORT1 was able to achieve significant increases in traffic and SEO Visibility and lower the bounce rate – this was achieved by applying the competent advice of the Professional Services team, by prioritizing sites with high development potential and by carrying out the best possible content optimization (e.g. seasonally, for events, for individual football players or football clubs), as the following examples illustrate:


Searchmetrics Case Study with SPORT1: directory SEO Visibility for soccer/team

Image 1: Searchmetrics directory SEO Visibility for soccer/person

Searchmetrics Case Study with Sport1: SEO Visibility/Team

Image 2: Searchmetrics directory SEO Visibility for soccer/team

Looking at the search results pages also shows a very positive development over the two years since the beginning of the project:

Searchmetrics Case Study with Sport1: Search Result 2015

Image 3: sport1.de search result pages – Status 11.01.2015

Searchmetrics Case Study with Sport1: Search Result 2017

Image 4: sport1.de search result pages – Status 03.09.2017

 As a result of the overall very positive development, the SPORT1 SEO team has already grown and is to be further expanded.

Simona Zemenova-Tobsch, SPORT1

“I‘m completely satisfied with Searchmetrics! Since Searchmetrics always drives innovation and we are always well advised, I see our team’s expansion as a very positive development.”

Simona Zemenova-Tobsch, Team Lead SEO/Traffic Management, SPORT

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