Tobi Blog increases keyword coverage by 144% & significantly improves efficiency using the Searchmetrics Content Experience

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Tobi is an online clothing retailer bringing LA fashion to women everywhere. The company designs, produces and sells women’s clothing around the world. Tobi Blog can now do all the competitive research, planning and content writing in one place instead of across several tools.


As an ecommerce business, Tobi Blog needs to attract users, make sure its site is SEO optimized and offer content that will rank on Google. The company understood that each piece of content must be engaging and unique to stand out from the competition.

Prior to Searchmetrics, Tobi Blog exported data from different tools and worked in a timeconsuming fashion with Excel sheets to map out its options. They spent time manually reviewing competitor sites to understand what they would write about, how often they would post and how much engagement they had on each post.


Elaine Tu, Content Marketing Associate, Tobi

“There were a couple of factors we considered when choosing an enterprise SEO and content marketing solution. The core drivers were the ease of adopting the Searchmetrics Content Experience coupled with the comprehensive Topic Explorer and Research Cloud.”

Elaine Tu, Content Marketing Associate, Tobi


The Searchmetrics Content Experience provides Tobi Blog a thorough view of the competition and highlights the elements necessary in each piece of content to be engaging and competitive.

Through Searchmetrics Tobi Blog can source new ideas, discover other websites that have similar content and develop even better content that addresses the needs of the reader.

Tobi Blog uses the Searchmetrics Topic Explorer to expand on ideas for content pieces (e.g. summer trends) and to quickly compile a framework for its copywriters to succeed. The software allows Tobi Blog to fashion a complete content strategy.


Keyword Coverage

+144% Increase in keyword coverage
in a 3-month time span

Keyword Ranking

+25% Keywords ranking
in positions 1 – 20

Tobi Blog experienced website traffic gains after using Searchmetrics Content Experience for just three months. The company has witnessed immediate improvements based on improved rankings in the SERPs. Searchmetrics helps Tobi Blog target multiple keyword phrases, ideate on content, and create the best content possible to help readers find what they’re looking for.

Tobi Blog is also seeing these business advantages through using Searchmetrics Content Experience:

  • an improved workflow for creating new content
  • a faster process to get from an idea to the final content
  • reduced research time for authors
  • better targeting of content to user needs
  • easier performance analysis
  • quick identification of improvements to content even after creation


For Tobi Blog, Searchmetrics has already made a huge impact on how they develop content that drives traffic to their site.

Searchmetrics Case Study with Tobi Blog: Topic Explorer, Example: Summer Trends

Image 1: Searchmetrics Topic Explorer: Example Summer Trends


Tobi Blog believes that using the Searchmetrics Content Experience will lead to continual improvements to quality and consistency of its content.

Elaine Tu, Content Marketing Associate, Tobi

“We have experienced significant improvements in efficiency. Searchmetrics helps us plan, optimize, assign and review content seamlessly with our team.”

Elaine Tu, Content Marketing Associate, Tobi

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