Searchmetrics Underpins Launch of New Agency Revenue Stream for Webfactory

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The Challenge: Launch of new agency service designed to improve client online visibility and conversions

Webfactory is a leading digital marketing agency with a 20-year track record of success working with clients in a wide range of sectors, including utilities, insurance, pharmaceuticals, entertainment, automotive and fast moving consumer goods (FMCG). The company offers a full range of services, from strategic through creative and marketing, all designed to maximize return on investment and meet clients’ digital business objectives.

Webfactory wanted to introduce a new service offering focused around helping clients analyze, understand and maximize their online visibility and conversions in search, social and other online channels.

“We wanted to offer a new service focused on providing detailed analytics and recommendations around improving visibility and conversions through online channels,” said Rich Dales, Head of Search and Analytics at Webfactory. “While search is an important part of this, we wanted to go further than simply providing SEO advice; we wanted to provide a detailed picture of a company’s online visibility and conversions including the role of search, content and social across devices and channels.”

Webfactory, Rich Dales

“Clients are shocked to see the amount of data and analysis we can access for them through Searchmetrics. It has helped to drive home the point that online visibility is not just about SEO focused on Google. It’s about multiple channels, devices and locations and Searchmetrics helps us keep on top of that.”

Rich Dales, Head of Search and Analytics at Webfactory

The company was looking for an analytics platform to act as the backbone of this service by providing key data and insights. Dales and his team evaluated five different products, initially focusing on platforms that could provide data around keyword performance and analysis.

The Solution: Searchmetrics Suite provides comprehensive data and insights for search, social and content performance across channels and devices

When we tested the Searchmetrics Suite, it really opened our eyes to a wide range of possibilities. Other platforms mainly focus on just one aspect of what we needed – such as keyword analysis, content marketing insights or social data,” said Dales. “Searchmetrics is a comprehensive all-in-one platform. It provides everything from search insights including specific mobile and local search data and rankings, keyword and content evaluation, social media spread and signals, and in depth competitor insights. Searchmetrics database is constantly updated which means they are usually one of the first companies to analyze and identify the impact of Google’s frequent algorithm updates”. Webfactory currently has three people within its online visibility team who are licensed to use Searchmetrics. Because the suite is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, it was very easy for Webfactory staff to login online and start using it as Dales explained:

“We required only a few hours of online training to show us the key elements of the Suite. It is laid out very logically and the usability is good,” explained Dales. “While it is very thorough and detailed, you can access everything from one screen. Information is organized on several levels so you can start with an easy to understand overview of the data and insights about a particular area and then decide to drill down to see more granular detail and analysis.”

Dales and his team were particularly impressed with the competitive insights the Suite delivers, including where competitors rank for a company’s target keywords and their content and social media strategies.

The Benefits: Clients reap rewards from new Online Visibility
and Analytics service supported by Searchmetrics

It took just a couple of months for Webfactory to persuade several existing clients to sign up to its new Online Visibility and Analytics service, supported by data and insights they gleaned from the Searchmetrics Suite.

Webfactory, Rich Dales

“We required only a few hours of online training to show us the key elements of the Suite. It is laid out very logically and the usability is good.”

Rich Dales, Head of Search and Analytics at Webfactory

Searchmetrics Suite has already helped to improve the online visibility of clients, including better rankings and traffic, as well as improved engagement and conversions across various platforms and devices.

“We expect the Searchmetrics Suite to help us continue to recruit clients to our new Online Visibility and Analytics service and we estimate that the platform will have paid for itself within approximately six months.”

Searchmetrics Suite has helped Webfactory prepare for new business pitches, allowing it to save time and effort by providing powerful insights and data to analyze the online visibility of prospective clients.

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