Rapid Response
Expert help for sudden drops in traffic.

How much revenue would you lose from a single day on page 2 of the search results? If your site drops suddenly, we work with you to help diagnose and solve the problem.

Rapid Response is an emergency service
when your site falls significantly in search rankings.

Google publishes changes to its algorithms dozens of times per year. Your competitors are constantly trying to out-rank you. Any loss in visibility can cost you real revenue.

With Rapid Response, you get an extra layer of support. If you experience a sudden drop, we contact you and work with your teams to get you back to where you need to be.

The largest companies in the world partner with Searchmetrics for organic search.

Improved rankings using Searchmetrics have a decisive influence on the performance of the shop.
Marcel Bewersdorf, Poco
Marcel Bewersdorf

Head of Online Marketing / eCommerce, POCO

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  • What kind of support you need. 

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