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Driving growth with better SEO.

The SEO Consulting practice brings together our data science, software and SEO experts to deliver services that amplify your search and content efforts.
Searchmetrics Digital Strategies Group: Driving growth with better SEO.

Consultants who Understand SEO & Business

Our SEO consultants help you focus on the balance between website technical performance, great SEO tactics and optimized content to drive tangible, meaningful results, using a hands-on approach with your team to drive growth. Our team is full of former (and future) entrepreneurs that understand the critical nature of SEO and its ability to drive growth.

Our consultants are trusted by companies around the world.

Searchmetrics Digital Strategies Group: Our SEO Consulting services.

Our Services

SEO Website Audit

We develop roadmaps that prioritize the most critical initiatives and tasks based on effort and returns. We then translate those for each stakeholder in the organization (developers, content,and executive teams).

Long-Term SEO Consulting

Add our SEO and Content expertise to your team to benefit from ongoing strategic guidance and key diagnostics and reporting.

If needed, our consultants will support you with the implementation and execution of your key initiatives to ensure long-term success

SEO Workshops

Level-up by training your team on best-in-class SEO and Content practices.

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Website Audit

Website Audit

We put your website through its paces to uncover what factors should be optimized to significantly increase performance and traffic.

Roadmap and Initiative Review

Roadmap and Initiative Review

We prioritize technical and content initiatives, projects, and tasks based on traffic or revenue lift.

Website Migration and Relaunch Support

Website Migration and Relaunch Support

Migrations pose dangers for your hard-won organic rankings. We help you to efficiently plan and effectively implement a relaunch to avoid performance losses.

Manual Penalty Recovery

Manual Penalty Recovery

We identify manual penalties and the areas impacted along with specific, actionable recommendations for restoration and long-term improvement.

Link Penalty Recovery

Link Penalty Recovery

With the help of a link audit, we advise you on penalties resulting from poor linking and help you make complete and rapid corrections, queueing and submitting a request for reassessment by Google.

Algorithm Update

Algorithm Update

If your website is no longer compliant with Google’s current guidelines and you’ve suffered losses, we’ll help identify the cause and make sure you recover quickly after an algorithm update.

Site Speed Improvements

Site Speed Improvements

We're here to help you rapidly improve page load times to reduce bounce rates and increase conversions.

Second opinion

Second Opinion

When you have competing ideas about your digital tactics and need advice, our SEO experts are here to help with diagnostics and offer a second perspective.

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Let us share our collective expertise with your team, whether through remote conference calls or on-site workshops.

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  • Transparency is in our DNA. We only work on agreed initiatives that are relevant to you and produce a measurable outcome.
  • We don’t work with static blueprints. Instead, we develop tailored consulting solutions that match your business goals.
  • Empowering people is what we believe in. On equal footing, we enable and train your teams the way you need.

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