The Panda Strikes again!

Has your company been harmed?

Is Panda 4.0 impacting your company?

Matt Cutts: Google is rolling out Panda 4.0 21-May 2014Many are aware that the search landscape changes daily with Google updating their algorithm over 500 times every year. However, Panda 4.0 just happens to be one of the major ones. In the past, Panda updates were designed to help boost great-quality content sites while pushing down thin or low-quality content sites in the search results.

Panda 4.0 has already had a real impact on major brands. This update can have serious implications for your businesses visibility and revenue as well.

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  • Access your rankings daily, in order to monitor the effects and changes in the SERPs.
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  • Create relevant content with Searchmetrics Content Optimization in order to improve your website and landing pages.

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Luc Levesque, TripAdvisor

Luc Levesque, VP of SEO at TripAdvisor

We love Searchmetrics at TripAdvisor. It makes it simple to track our rankings and act quickly to maximize traffic. I’ve been really impressed with the technical strength and innovation in the product and the level of support we get from the whole Searchmetrics team.

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More information about the Panda 4.0 update can be found on the Searchmetrics blog. CTO Marcus Tober will do a thorough analysis to find out what changes you need to know about today. If you are interested, read the post about Panda 4.0 Winners and Losers.

*Offer is valid until June 15, 2014 when buying a Suite Business, Suite Enterprise, or Suite Ultimate.