SEO and Air Travel Providers

Who’s grounded, and who’s taking off?

Part 1: SEO and air travel providers

Search engine optimization is a very complex topic. There are many variables to consider and often a variety of small adjustments are required to make a difference in visibility. With millions of users converting directly into paying passengers each and every day via search, the major players in the air travel industry are well aware of the impact of SEO. A potential passenger’s journey is very simple: Enter the details of a flight into the search engine, click on one of the first three results and book the flight. Our latest study focuses on the air travel industry and examines the winners and the losers.

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We identify the brands with the highest visibility and the number of keywords they optimize for, as well as which air travel providers have the highest social network presence and the type of link strategies they use. Our study provides a detail analysis of four markets: Germany, U.S., UK and France.

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