Part 2: SEO for Car Rental Companies

Who’s starting up and who’s stalling…

Here comes the second part of our detailed analysis of the travel industry with another highly competitive market in tourism ‒ the car rental industry ‒ a market that is now played out almost exclusively online.

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You may also view our US infographic or our UK infographic.

Whether for businesses or private drivers, renting a car is often a much better alternative to buying one. The way to seek a rental car is obvious: type the desired category of car into the search engine, and from there the horsepower hits the search engine highway. For the relevant companies this means that the top positions in search engine results are indispensable for getting on the starting grid in the race to the user. Those who rank poorly on Google do not come into the view of their target group, and from then on will only see the taillights of the competition.

Preview US: Visibility Leader in the US is EnterpriseTravel Study Car Rental SEO US

Preview UK: The British Market – going easy on SEOTravel Study Car Rental SEO UK

Our study will give you insights into these providers SEO strategies. We will tell you which providers are using which link strategy and how high the level of acceptance is on the social networks. We will also provide you this valuable information for four different markets: Germany, the USA, Britain and France.

Did you miss the first part of our study? You can download the white paper “SEO for air travel providers – Who is taking off and who is grounded?” here.