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Beyond the Report: From Search Data to Business Strategy

Hear from our UK VP, Shyam Dattani, to discover how to get more customer understanding, deeper insights, and clear next steps out of all of the data you’ve got access to.
Date: 31 Jul 2020 00:00 UTC
Venue: BrightonSEO Advanced Technical SEO Summit

Discover how to get more meaning, and more action points, out of your search data.

In this presentation, Shyam will uncover:

  • How Search Data can help us truly understand consumers
  • How exactly to create the much coveted “data-driven strategy” based on sound data and sensible decision making
  • How using Search Data can successfully transform not only marketing strategies, but businesses in general.

Our Speakers

Shyam Dattani
Shyam Dattani
Shyam Dattani is the Regional VP for Searchmetrics in the UK. Having been in Search for over 10 years he has now been on the ‘Agency side’, ‘Client side’ and ‘Vendor side’ of Search giving him a unique perspective. With a background in Economics and Data Modelling, Shyam likes to get closer to the data and see how to place search at the heart of a bigger digital strategy.

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