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Brighton SEO Spring – virtual

Join in at BrightonSEO - the biggest search marketing conference in the UK.
Date: 25 Mar 2021 11:30 UTC 25 Mar 2021 11:55 UTC
Venue: BrightonSEO Spring, UK

brightonSEO Spring!   

This Spring’s online conference brings together some of the best speakers in the world of search, offering practical training and workshops, advice and insights – and the perfect opportunity to network with your peers.  

Will the Core Web Vitals Update change SEO Forever?

Google announced in November 2020 that the Core Web Vitals (FID – First Input Delay, LCP – Largest Contentful Paint, CLS – Cumulative Layout Shift) will become part of the Google algorithm in May 2021.

As Core Web Vitals is all about UX and website speed, the impact for many websites could be huge. So far, studies have shown only a fraction of websites pass the CWV assessment – many pages get low scores due to annoying web functionality such as post-render load ads or other fonts causing page jumpiness (high CLS).

In this session, get insights into the current landscape: find out which websites perform best and their respective CWV scores. Plus, hear our predictions of what might happen to the best and worst performers.

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...additional Session “Core Web Vitals for Enterprise Businesses”

Our Speakers

Marcus Tober
Marcus Tober
Marcus is one of the pioneers who established SEO as a marketing discipline and the founder of Searchmetrics back in 2005. In his position now as Chief Evangelist, he is responsible for highlighting the ever-increasing importance of SEO and providing guidance how the discipline should develop in the future, both internally and externally. He has a cross-departmental strategic role: he advises on developments and trends in SEO and supports the product team in driving innovation in the Searchmetrics Suite. A self-proclaimed data and statistics geek, he is a frequent speaker at conferences and is often asked to comment on the latest trends in the industry.

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