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Date: 26 Nov 2020 10:00 UTC 26 Nov 2020 15:00 UTC
Venue: Searchmetrics Online

How to tackle the shifting search landscape with SEO in 2021

Chloe Fair | Senior SEO Strategist | Impression

2020 was a year we could not predict and with this there were significant changes in search demand and, as a result, the search landscape. This talk will recap on some notable changes and takeaways from 2020 and will provide you with the tips and tools on how to create an agile strategy for 2021 that will satisfy an unpredictable and shifting search landscape.

The realities of a B2B SEO strategy in a huge international business

Kevin Kapezi | SEO Specialist | Experian UK

Kevin sharehis personal journey from working in an agency to moving to an in-house SEO B2B role at Experian covering:

  • What success looks like in B2B SEO
  • What makes B2B SEO unique
  • How to work with non-SEO stakeholders
  • Integration SEO into the wider business
  • SEO campaigns you could only pull off in-house

Brand migration success: Innogy becomes E.ON

Sascha Otto | SEO Expert | E.ON Digital Technology GmbH
Nina Burkert | Senior Marketing Manager SEO | E.ON Energie Deutschland GmbH

In October 2020 the websites of Innogy became part of the new E.ON. Nina and Sascha, SEO specialists from E.ON, will explain their approach to dealing with the challenges faced when migrating and integrating an extensive branded domain landscape. They’ll also share an overview into their project planning, content evaluation and mapping as well as their handling of branded search terms which all contributed to achieving their goal of E.ON ranking for Innogy.

How Working With Schema Saved Our SEO Project

Andrew McGarry | Founder & Consultant | the mcgarry agency
Taylor Laporte | Customer Success Manager | Schema App

There comes a moment near the beginning of every earnest SEO project when reality hits. If we think of your ecom platform as a car, you have to drive the car you have right now, as opposed to the one you’d like to have.  That fully optimised one will take longer to create than you were initially led to believe.
What do you do when so-called quick wins turn out to be long term nice-to-haves, through no fault of your own, but simply that dev resource is at a premium and you’re down the pecking order because of other departments jumping the queue? What trade-offs do you make to deliver success?
Andrew McGarry and Taylor Laporte discuss how to use schema markup to improve KPIs while you’re waiting on developer resources to become available. 

This sessions covers the visibility battle for sneaker brands such as NIKE, adidas, and others while asking why companies don’t put as much brand effort into the quality of organic results as paid media results – and how schema can fix that! 

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  • How to tackle the shifting search landscape with SEO in 2021
  • The realities of a B2B SEO strategy in an international business
  • Brand migration success: Innogy becomes E.ON
  • How Working With Schema Saved Our SEO Project

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Our Speakers

Chloe Fair
As a senior SEO strategist, Chloe is responsible for managing large client accounts and heading up Impression’s international SEO service. She specialises in keyword and content mapping, language and culture, and understanding the impact and risks of new market entry. Chloe supports small and large businesses in improving their organic presence both in the UK and globally.
Kevin Kapezi
Kevin was appointed as the first SEO specialist at Experian B2B for UKI & EMEA and successfully developed a global SEO framework to enhance organic visibility across 20+ websites. He has both in-house and agency-side marketing experience, previously working with Hallam, one of the most highly-rated agencies in the UK. He’s also an active Nottingham Trent University Alumni, mentoring students to become better equipped for life after university.
Sascha Otto
Sascha Otto
Sascha has been involved in SEO since 2010. He was Head of SEO for MAGIX for a few years before he decided to switch to a new founded startup. He later advised medium-sized and corporate companies as a freelance consultant. In 2017 Sascha took on the role of the central SEO expert in the E.ON Group to support our various business- and regional units.
Nina Burkert
Nina Burkert
Nina Burkert started working in SEO in 2014 joining the marketing team of Check24. Looking for new challenges she began to work for the digital agency Eviom, consulting national and international companies from various branches. After taking a year off to fulfill her dream to travel the world she now works as a Senior SEO Manager for E.ON Germany.
Andrew McGarry
Andrew McGarry
Andrew McGarry has been working with SEO for 17 years. As both a consultant and agency owner, together with his handpicked team they have created over £100 million in client revenue for fashion & lifestyle brands.

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