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Tom Wells, our expert helps to explain Core Web Vitals and the Google Core Web Vitals update with real examples referring to our latest study.
Date: 28 Jun 2021 09:15 UTC 28 Jun 2021 12:05 UTC
Venue: The Grove, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Core Web Vitals Explained:
Why they matter to marketers and how to optimize them

Google has notified the SEO community in advance that they will change their algorithm…Google is usually highly secretive about the timing of their updates, but last November they announced they will be using more signals related to what are called ‘Page Experience’ signals, which will change the way results are shown in organic search from this July.

The update is related to what are called “Core Web Vitals” metrics. In this session, our experts can help to explain Core Web Vitals and this Google update in real terms with real examples referring to our latest study.

Businesses can’t ignore the future impact Core Web Vitals could have in their website. Learn how to check the Core Web Vital metrics and understand the scores you should achieve to be successful in organic search results.

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Our Speakers

Tom Wells
Tom Wells
As VP Strategy, Tom Wells combines over a decade of industry experience with data-driven insights to help Searchmetrics blueprint its future success.

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