Searchmetrics Events: SaaSDay 2020

'Location, Location, Location’ for your Digital Storefront

No one in brick and mortar retail assumes that they can just put their store anywhere and that people will come.
Date: 03 Sep 2020 10:45 UTC 03 Sep 2020 17:00 UTC
Venue: SaasDay Software as a Series!

‘Location, Location, Location’ for your Digital Storefront

by Lillian Haase | Director Marketing EMEA Regional Marketing & Matthew Colebourne | CEO

No one in brick and mortar retail assumes that they can just put their store anywhere and that people will come. Yet in ecommerce, we see this behaviour all the time. People assume that the most important thing is their advertising, but this misses the point entirely.

In this session, hear from Searchmetrics CEO and Searchmetrics Marketing Director EMEA on the topic of digital merchandising.

Are you metaphorically placing your store on a back street with two mannequins in the window and expecting results?

Join us for a lively discussion about the digital landscape for organizations aiming to be found online… not just found online but found where it counts.

Is your business placed in a digital backstreet?

Topics covered:

  • Measuring what really matters – beyond impressions and clicks
  • How content is the digital version of shop window merchandising
  • How businesses need to think about their marketing decisions from a different perspective.
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SaaSDay | Software as a Series #2

The SaaSDay is taking place for the second time this year after we have had amazing feedback from our attendees in the DACH region, we decided to give it another shot and host another SaaSDay with our Software as a Series edition in English. We will give you insights on the latest topics, trends and products from our SaaSDay partners Meltwater, Searchmetrics, Sendinblue, Usercentrics, Uberall and our guest speakers. Get your popcorn ready and enjoy presentation series. We promise you that you will get brand new insights and learnings. Save your spot right now!


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Further Presentations:

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Email Marketing Galaxy

Bert Winterfeld, Sendinblue

A brief, yet educating journey through email marketing. From address generation and deliverability to marketing automation. Full of best practices and a sense of humor.

‘Near Me’ 360: The Groundbreaking New Way to Measure Your Digital Readiness for the Customer Journey

Paul O’Donoghue & Ilinca Parlog, Uberall

‘Near Me’ 360 is completely different from anything else in the location marketing space currently. It measures your readiness score for the 360 degree customer journey – and how it impacts your online and offline performance. When you use ‘Near Me’ 360:

  • You measure the accuracy, consistency and completeness of your business listings
  • You check your location visibility, engagement and whether you are doing enough to maximise your own 360 degree customer experience
  • You benchmark yourself against competitors in your industry
  • Paul O’Donoghue and Ilinca Parlog will demonstrate the brand new tool we have developed and show how you can use it to be on top of your customer journey from now on.

Building better audience personas using social media data

Perri Robinson, Meltwater

Being a great marketer and driving actual ROI means understanding your consumers better than anybody else. Since consumers come from all different backgrounds with different beliefs and value systems, this means there’s no one-size-fits-all marketing strategy that resonates with everyone. So, what do we do about it? We use social media data to craft much clearer and consolidated audience persona profiles! Tune into this talk to discover how you can do the same.

Whistleblowing in Organisations – Understanding the Impact of web-based Compliance Software

Kai Leisering, Business Keeper

At least since the revelations of Edward Snowden and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, the term “whistleblower” is no longer a foreign word for most people. They are often envied for their courage to bring to light grievances and illegal activities and overcome their fear about negative consequences. However, these consequences can be very serious for whistleblowers, such as a termination without notice, as many countries still do not have comprehensive whistleblower protection or important laws, e.g. the new EU Whistleblowing Directive, have not yet come into force in the EU states. How can whistleblowers be helped?

The implementation of a web-based whistleblower system is one of several ways to help uncover possible risks and at the same time guarantee a confidential transmission of information as well as a protected dialogue with the anonymous whistleblower. Whistleblower systems are thus among the most effective instruments for preventing and investigating corruption and maladministration and therefore not only help whistleblowers but also make sure that companies are protected from damage as well. How whistleblower systems work and why they should be part of every organisational compliance culture, will be pointed out in this presentation.

All you need to know on the use of cookies and other website technologies in compliance with GDPR |

Zofia Stekla, Usercentrics

Are you a website operator or are you in charge of website projects? Are you unsure whether your websites are GDPR compliant or not? If you are currently nodding your head with a big yes, then this webinar is just what you need! In this webinar, we will introduce you to everything you need to know about current legal requirements like GDPR. But we won’t stop there: we will also touch base on the latest industry standards for digital marketing such as the TCF 2.0 of the IAB Europe. Furthermore, you will get more information on Consent Management Platforms in general and learn what impact a CMP can have on your current business!


Panel: How 2020 changed the Digital Landscape

Aleyda Solis, Lukasz Zelezny, Matías Rodsevich, Viola Eva & Kevin Indig

In 2020 we saw the rise of remote work, digital teams and a plethora of new digital formats around the globe. We’re discussing the pros and cons of going digital, how well companies kept up with the acceleration of digitization and what’s ahead of us on the months to come.

Our Speakers

Lillian Haase
Lillian Haase
Lillian has been working as a Digital Marketer since 2008. She started out as an affiliate marketer then moved on to become a consultant when business owners discovered she could help them ‘get found on the internet’. She progressed to become an Account Manager in two Digital Marketing agencies followed by working as Team Lead in an international PR agency and Head of Marketing for a private University. She is now CMO at Searchmetrics.
Matt Colebourne
Matthew Colebourne
Matthew Colebourne is the CEO of Searchmetrics. He brings outstanding management ability as well as profound experiences from various senior leadership roles in the digital marketing area. Moreover, Matthew has an extensive track record of scaling technology businesses. Before joining Searchmetrics in January 2020, Matthew served as EMEA Managing Director at Innovid, which he joined from Trinity Mirror, one of the UK’s leading regional publishers. Beforehand, he was the European VP International for DoubleClick. He also managed the turnaround to profitability of paid search company, eSpotting, before its sale to FindWhat. Matthew is internationally minded and has worked in Europe, USA and Asia.

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