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SearchLove San Diego

Discover if the time and cost it takes to make your site CWV-ready is worth the investment.
Date: 24 Mar 2022 20:20 UTC 24 Mar 2022 21:00 UTC
Venue: Kona Kai Resort & Spa, 1551 Shelter Island Drive, San Diego, USA

Is Core Web Vitals worth the investment?

Many SEO and developer teams spent countless hours during 2021 preparing for the Page Experience Update, only to notice not much changed with their SEO performance. Does that mean investing in better Core Web Vitals isn’t worth it? Not so fast. In this session we’ll explore how to measure CWV, the case for CWV beyond SEO and how to get started.

Top 3 Keylearnings

  • The importance of Core Web Vitals 
  • Which companies won and lost the CWV race 
  • How to build a CWV strategy 
  • What CWV updates are expected this year 

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Our Speakers

Kathy Brown
Kathy Brown
Kathy has over a decade of experience in Technical SEO, working with Large Enterprises, Growing B2Bs, and Global eCommerce brands to improve their online visibility. At Searchmetrics Kathy partners with our largest clients, working directly with Sr. Marketing and Product Managers to grow their revenue by increasing organic traffic.

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